Comments on: Little White Earbuds Interviews Africa Hitech Hook up your ears Tue, 06 Jan 2015 04:31:31 +0000 hourly 1 By: mymanhenri Thu, 24 Nov 2011 05:00:11 +0000 I had been listening to Troubleman and Spacek separately, then discovered TURN IT ON. Was blown away by the track, and then had the utmost pleasure of meeting both at the Red Bull Academy in Toronto. In fact, walked in on a studio session – only to close the door, jaw agape. Didn’t realize they had done some of the record in Toronto. Likely heard those tracks unknowingly.
The Africa Hitech concept was beyond music, as SS put it in some of the RInse FM shows: SCIENCE. it’s the drum, the rhythm that defines the sounds, the ground zero of all music.
To hear them combine the modern electronic, and the antiquity of african drums and rhythm, and then add the pinch of roots/yard/caribbean has been an absolute pleasure to listen to. Maybe this record and concept is not for everyone, but it speaks to ppl who can appreciate all 3 histories. who have history in all 3 genres.
I still recall hearing SWAIR (1st iPhone track to be played out) for the 1st time earlier this yr on Rinse FM, and though, wtf is this?? and hearing SS present it… i knew something big was coming about. The word is that they have a full LP done.
Even the 140 they play has that foundation, the caribbean swing that’s simply priceless and key in that tempo (read Coki/Dmz).
In any case, I urge anyone who’s got a tour date in their city to go check it out. This tour took some real work/sacrifice to put together, and wonder it they’ll be back in North Am any time soon.
This is truly foundation at it’s best, and you might be witnessing some riddims and concepts well executed, possibly ahead of their time, worth the solo mission to the show.
Great peace BTW. Big up.