Jacob Korn, I Like The Sun (But Not On LCDs)

[Running Back]

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Gerd Janson first heard Jacob Korn’s “I Like The Sun (But Not On LCDs)” almost two and a half years back at a Red Bull Music Academy gig in Toronto. Not that you would know it, as the three tracks on the latest Running Back still sound box fresh and, in fashion-editorial speak, “on trend.” What that says about how far ahead of the curve Running Back are, or how retroactive house music is these days, or even how laborious the process of signing, pressing and promoting a track is, are matters best discussed elsewhere. What matters here (this is a review, right?), is that eventually the music got released, and it’s really rather good.

The pleasingly naivety of the child (apparently Prins Thomas’ son)’s crayon drawing that is the cover matches the wide-eyed and innocent tone of the “I Like The Sun.” A lilting, punch drunk nu-disco groover made with dub-house aesthetics, the hiss and echo only serving to further highlight the euphoric, chiming riff. Thomas’ “Diskomiks” version takes the Kosmiche route, spreading Can’s “Sunday Jam” over 11 minutes of toasty, buttery rolling drums. Mm, tasty. But as with so many Running Back releases, it’s the inside cut, named after the Titan goddess of the moon, that eclipses the title track. “Selene” is initially shy, with nervous handclaps temporarily hiding charms. A cut-up wordless vocal that conjures the ecstatic feel of Pépé Bradock’s best work (or indeed the most recent Floating Points) drops “Selene”‘s guard, however, and swirling, endlessly delayed chords extravagantly display like a peacock courting a peahen. It may have taken a while, but actually the timing of this release is impeccable. The versatile tracks perfect for the dying rays of summer. As the carving on the inside of the vinyl says “Sol lucet omnibus”; for those not versed in Latin “the sun shines for everyone.”

harpomarx42  on October 13, 2009 at 2:50 PM

Best. Album cover. Ever.

Blaktony  on October 14, 2009 at 9:07 AM

Lovely, indeed the sun shines for everyone (like this release).

harrison  on October 16, 2009 at 2:31 PM

love the cover also!

best track is selene, if played at the right time it works so so well!


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