Massimiliano Pagliara, Focus For Infinity (The Remixes Part 2)

[Live At Robert Johnson]

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If last year’s Focus For Infinity showed us anything about Massimiliano Pagliara’s production style, it was obviously that his compositions are beautifully and slowly made of delicate filigree in the image of frozen waterfalls. They take their time unfolding — relying less on any rhythmic workout and more on the unexpected development of the melodic and harmonic considerations over top — and consistently reward their listeners with unexpected pleasures. The first part of Live at Robert Johnson’s remix series, which came out last August, spent just enough time in front of the mirror to dress up the bedroom dreaminess of “A Wrong Chance” and “In Order Of More Depth” for a night out until dawn. Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer’s Tuff City Kids remix brought out the wild-eyed earthiness of “A Wrong Chance,” while following a sequence arc that vaulted listeners and dancers over whatever melancholy stars the original fell from. Meanwhile, B.H.F.V provided a new context for “In Order Of More Depth,” revealing the dimensions of its underlying framework as playfully as possible. For the second and final part of the series, a new troupe of remixers invite Pagliara out, each taking on a new direction in the face of the infinite possibilities of the night he describes.

The first track on the A-side is Victor Rotciv’s remix of “Fade The Light,” which in contrast to the original takes as little time as possible getting to the point. Rotciv, who works with Pagliara in Berlin as half of The Rimshooters, begins with the haunting pads of the original and then quickly locks down an unrelenting groove that only breaks for a moment or two during the track’s seven-minute duration. Teased throughout by crisp handclaps and a bit of vocal persuasion, this remix absconds the slow-burnt build of the original with the assumption that we’re already after hours in some strobed-out downward spiral of a warehouse party. The A-side followup is a remix of “I’ll Never Be” by Nicholas, who recently went to town on the Burrell Brothers’ Nu Groove catalog, and it shows. Adding muscle and weight to the original, the young Italian offers us a more Windy City take on the delicate original. On the vinyl-only B-side, Sex Tags Mania’s elusive DJ Sotofett does something dirty to “Harmonize” with his “Outta Tune and Inna Jungle Mix.” Channeling the “Strings of Life” into the Herzogian landscape and obscenity of the jungle, the Norwegian goes places better heard that described. “There is no harmony in the universe” seems to be the general undertone here, but let’s remember that’s just one of many possibilities.

Joseph Hallam  on April 25, 2012 at 8:44 AM



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