Trevino, Backtracking / Juan Two Five

[The Nothing Special]

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The cross-genre producer is often met with skepticism and a sense of precaution, especially one as meticulous as Marcus Intalex. A drum-and-bass veteran, it took 21 years into his career until he felt comfortable enough with his production finesse to release his 2011 debut album (indicatively titled 21), and is perhaps a clear indication as to why his newly forged house and techno moniker Trevino was initially an anonymous endeavor. Making his debut on Craig Richards’ The Nothing Special label, Backtracking / Juan Two Five marks Intalex’s sophomore solo release as Trevino following the warmly received Derelict / Buried on burgeoning Irish imprint [nakedlunch] earlier this year.

Sticking with a strictly 4X4 formulation, A-side, “Backtracking,” is an effervescent number bubbling with corroded drum machines and derelict synths that culminates in evocative keys teetering over delicate bass lines. “Juan Two Five” rings more reminiscent of the atmospheric output of early-90s Detroit techno — bulbous synths flirting with frenetic drum loops, held together by kaleidoscopic aural arrangements. Intalex isn’t pioneering new ground within contemporary house and techno — nor should he be anticipated to — but he’s providing a valuable insight into the potential of a multi-faceted producer adhering to a sense of adventure.

3024  on June 11, 2012 at 12:00 PM

the first Trevino track was on 3024 – called “Chip”

Si (Sound Shelter)  on June 11, 2012 at 11:53 PM

Backtracking is my number 1 of 2012 so far – first heard on that SCB vs John Osborne mix on mnmlssgs.

I had presumed it was some obscure 15 year old track that I would never find, thankfully not.


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