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Little White Earbuds Interviews Africa Hitech

While touring the U.S. Africa Hitech found time to chat with LWE about their history, influences, working together, and what the future holds.

Quality Is Overrated Pt. 2

Part two of Stefan Goldmann’s detailed examination of the psychosocial framework that underlies what we listen to, looking into the factors that decide what is culturally relevant and what is not.

Quality Is Overrated: The Mechanics of Excellence In Music

Stefan Goldmann offers a detailed examination of the psychosocial framework that underlies what we listen to, looking into the factors that decide what is culturally relevant and what is not — with surprising results: exploring the unknown is not only more fun, but also more rewarding.

Tresor Reflects On 20 Years

After 20 years as a bastion of techno, both in Berlin and abroad, Tresor’s founder Dimitri Hegemann reflects on its background and history, how the Detroit-Berlin alliance was forged and his plans for the club and label’s future. LWE also interviewed Mike Huckaby, a longtime friend of the club who mixed the label’s 20 year anniversary compilation.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Skudge

In advance of their live performance at Blkmarket Membership on October 14th in New York City, LWE contacted Skudge about life post-Phantom, and it appears their day-to-day is business as usual.

LWE Reflect On Our Favorite Podcasts

In celebration of our fast approaching 100th exclusive podcast, LWE’s staff has taken a look back at the first 99 and showcased some of our favorites so far. What’s more, we’ve made all of the podcasts featured here available for download for one more week.

LWE Interviews Kassem Mosse

We caught up with Kassem Mosse in July after his set at The Bunker to chat about context, his newest projects, and to solve the mystery of the facial-haired stamps.

Talking Shop with FIT Sound/Distribution

LWE sat down Aaron Siegel of FIT Sound/Distribution and talked about his philosophies about hearing and sharing music; art, sound, and business; and Detroit’s insulated and protective musical culture.

Oliver $ Explains Doin’ Ya Thang To LWE

When LWE was offered the opportunity to interview Oliver “$” Siebert, we knew it was important to ask about the arrangements, motivations, and ethical quandaries behind one of 2011’s most notorious records.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Black Devil Disco Club

In this translated email interview with LWE, Bernard Fevre reflects restlessly on his laurels, shedding a hint of light on his untimely vision, while leading us further astray, the Black Devil way.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Move D

For LWE’s first video-enhanced feature, we asked Dave Moufang about his earliest influences, favorite equipment, the current state of deep house, and whether it’s possible for him to be be content with what he’s made.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Mark E

With the arrival of his debut full-length, LWE interviewed Mark E. about his album, its stylistic changes, and his plans for the months ahead.

LWE Interviews Demdike Stare

Lest you think that doom and gloom is all there is to Demdike Stare, our chat with member Sean Canty touched on the group’s mix CDs, their incessant record-digging habits, and the possibility of a Nu-Groove style Demdike Stare record.

Everything popular is wrong: Making it in electronic music, despite democratization

Stefan Goldmann on why Web 2.0 can work for you but won’t for most, where all the money went and how working against the market consensus can be a winning strategy.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Kode9

In the midst of preparing for the album release and embarking on a North American tour, Kode9 found time for an interview with us to discuss the album, Hyperdub, and the state of what used to be called dubstep.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Ben Klock

To many, Ben Klock is techno. Given his lengthy CV, this is hardly surprising. LWE sat down with Klock in New York to talk about the ’90s, the warmth of Berghain techno and his dad’s experience at the club.

LWE Interviews Adam X (Traversable Wormhole)

Adam X’s is a fascinating story of identity politics, personal reinvention, and career resuscitation. He sat down for a revealing and surprisingly relaxed interview with LWE to explain the whole thing.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Mount Kimbie

With the markers of just what exactly constitutes dubstep in perpetual motion, Mount Kimbie have been doing their part to blur the lines even further. LWE sat down with Dominic Maker and Kai Campos to talk about influences, recording the album and the future of the duo.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Kyle Hall

Save your free pass for another youngster: Kyle Hall gets by perfectly fine on his own merits. Boundlessly optimistic and precocious to boot, it was my pleasure to speak with Hall in advance of his Movement ’10 appearance about his passion for the visual arts, how he’s dealt with success, and the future as he sees it.

LWE Interviews Tama Sumo

Months after her popularity boom and the world tour that ensued shortly after, we checked in with Tama Sumo to get the scoop on the Panorama Bar renovations, the state of the Berlin club scene, and where she’s heading next.