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Pev & Asusu / Pev & Kowton, MMM & Pangaea Remixes

For the first in a series of Livity Sound remix 12″s, the pairing of MMM and Pangaea makes good sense, due to their shared affinity for body-block sonic warmth and efficiency.

Pev & Kowton, End Point

Until now, though, Livity Sound has lacked an anthem. Both “Infinity Is Now” and “End Point” by Pev & Kowton happen to be just that.

LWE Podcast 131: Kowton is archived this week

LWE’s 131st podcast was a sometimes sunny, often brooding amalgam of house and techno mixed by Kowton. Be sure to add it to your collection by this Friday, July 5th.

Pev & Kowton, Raw Code

The pairing of Peverelist and Kowton feels right at home on Hessle Audio on their Raw Code 12″.

LWE’s Top 25 Tracks of 2012 (16-20)

LWE Podcast 131: Kowton

LWE wanted to find out more about Kowton so got in touch for a chat about sampling, the breaking down of genres and why it is so important for producers to take that big step and send out some demos. He also mixed together our 131st exclusive podcast; a sometimes sunny, often brooding amalgam of house and techno that shows another side to the young producer.

Kowton, Des Bisous

While Kowton’s releases on Idle Hands and [nakedlunch] have pushed a bass-laden sound that is creepy, tense, and often slow, “Des Bisous” owes more to obtuse instrumental grime.

Kowton, Keep Walking

Kowton’s latest comes on Irish narcotics dealer [nakedlunch] — a perfect fit for his sound when you think about it — and he blesses the label with some of his most complex and detailed tracks yet.

LWE 2Q Reports 2011: Downloads

LWE’s fourth 2Q Report has Chris Miller recapping 10 of the most essential non-commercial downloads from the first half of the year.

Kowton, She Don’t Jack/Drunk On Sunday

Kowton’s second 12″ for Idle Hands sounds like house by-way-of dubstep purism, mixing druggy, shuffling rhythms with calculatedly subtle, bare-bones composition.