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They may not happen with the greatest frequency but one thing is assured upon tracking down a new Robag Wruhme release — you will be entertained. The veteran producer has a knack of injecting his tracks with a certain buoyancy and mirth that few others manage to conjure with each successive release. The latest on Vakant, “Abusus Adde,” finds Mr. Schablitzki in top maniacal form, with three cuts that not only prove to be weighty peak time contenders but also remind you dance music is meant to be fun.

“Hodgkin Mopp” straddles the line between glitch and deep seated melody in such a way it almost sounds like two separate tracks have been spliced together. The percussion is occasionally punctuated by a didgeridoo stab sounding very much like Bodol Elsel’s classic “Discount Baby” on Playhouse from 1999, though Wruhme fleshes out the sparse beginnings with much intricate trickery. The dreamy, melodic elements sound a world away from the mechanical snap and bounce of the drums, turning a track that is minimal at its core into a vastly different beast by its conclusion. “Ruptur Oing” fits most neatly within Vakant’s offbeat minimalist style; the dry percussion littered with found sounds like cans rattling, gears (perhaps a fishing line or bicycle) being wound and water pouring. With the absence of any real melody or direction, “Ruptur Oing” doesn’t have much presence as a stand alone track but within the context of a mix I can see it creating a great sense of space and movement.

“Fufo2″ is Wruhme at his playful, mentalist best, splicing, dicing and re-editing his own track into fractured bits and piecing it all back together again. With all of its sound squashing and bit crushing at times it recalls “Windowlicker;” but where Aphex Twin laid on thick slabs of pads and funk, Wruhme focuses on building his track into a deranged breakbeat monster best locked away in the basement. Any party in danger of taking itself too seriously should have “Fufo2″ cued up ready to drop and lay waste to the chin stroking massive.

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