Axel Boman, Lucky Tiger

Photo by John Paul Jespersen

[Glass Table Music]

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Over the course of a few years, Swedish producer Axel Boman has hit a sweet spot between the quirky and the reserved, fashioning off-kilter beats that are fundamentally weird but hew close enough to the beaten path that they can still get picked up by DJs and fans of all assortments. Lucky Tiger, his first EP for sleazy outfit Glass Table makes a near-perfect example, four tracks of slightly obscured but still approachable house music.

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“Esteban Peligro” shuffles along innocently enough, if you ignore the dubbed-out vocal samples, honking horns and rattling sounds. But there’s something endearingly thrown-together and open-ended about Boman’s drum programming, like he’s bundled up drum sounds with scotch tape and band-aids and let a kick rumble blindly through it all. Bristolian partners in crime Appleblim & Al Tourettes take the entire track and scramble it, leaving the rhythm haphazard and a chopped, jerky bass line to squirms forcefully underneath; the sudden burst of speed is exhilarating. The two tracks on the flip are more subdued, “Naomi” chugging away with a boogie bass line and jazzy, staccato chords that feel like codeine-spiked Chicago house, blunted and blurred memories of old Trax records. Sounding like he can barely keep his eyes open anymore, “Depression 01” drags its feet over a low-end melody that stumbles and staggers wearily. While someone with a musical mind as unique as Boman’s might be expected to constantly innovate — to get weirder and weirder and further down his particular rabbit-hole — Lucky Tiger doesn’t exactly satisfy those criteria. Yet it feels like a success all the same.

Frederik  on April 14, 2012 at 11:30 AM

This a heavy pice of wax…whatever you are into.


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