Caspa & Rusko/Unitz, License to Thrill: Part Four

[Dub Police]

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Individually known for wrecking decks and blowing subs with some of the largest bass lines mankind has yet encountered, Gary McCann and Chris Mercer (Caspa and Rusko, respectively) team up to create something surprisingly soulful. Absent are the usual big drops, vulgar movie samples, and even the wobble. Instead, a slightly acidic synth line dances to a saturated house beat and is accompanied by an ecstatic chant-like vocal snippet. “Soulful Geeza” has a timeless feel that wouldn’t have sounded out of place in mid-nineties Ibiza.

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As the fourth installment of the License To Thrill series on McCann’s own Dub Police label, it’s a perfect follow up to “Forever” by Conquest, the epic number that appeared on part three. The b-side here is “Wait A Minute” by Unitz, aka Dan Harden. Not as wild as his breakout tune “The Drop,” but certainly comparable in quirkiness, its helicopter bass and half-step shuffle couldn’t be much more different than “Geeza”. Notable, though, is that both sides were mastered at the fabled Transition Studios in London, a fact that by itself warrants a listen.

ryan  on April 13, 2010 at 8:46 PM

rusko will be at coachella this weekend. from what i’ve heard, he’s the epitome of bad dubstep; however, this song is nothing of the sort… gives me some hope for a good, soulful set. we’ll see.

ryan  on October 5, 2010 at 12:48 AM

in case anyone happens upon this page and liked this song…
this is not rusko. the actual song “soulful geeza” is wobble crap that one would expect from rusko.
my understanding is that there was some type of mix up when the single first came out and this song took the place of the actual rusko song… however that makes sense.
unfortunately, i can’t tell you who the embedded song is by. all i know is that i like it and that it’s not rusko – soulful geeza.

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