Download of the Week: Saint Lou Lou, Maybe You (Lauer Remix)

Perhaps it was his full body embrace of technicolor melodies, or maybe the 80s reference points for his sonic palette, but I’ve always loved how Phillip Lauer’s solo productions feel just a few small steps away from pop music. Sure, you won’t hear something like his tunes “Highdimes” or “HR Boss” on the radio anytime soon, but you could just imagine some starlet stumbling upon one and singing over it, Azealia Banks style. My proof of concept has finally arrived in the form of this week’s download, Saint Lou Lou’s debut single, “Maybe You,” remixed by Lauer himself. Admittedly I’m clueless about the original, but really, Lauer’s instrumental might as well be the “real deal.” His standard bass line is clipped to small stepping stones around which a more energetic rush of synth lines and cosmic pads course; yet the most dynamic and curious part is the twitchy, electrical pulse that seems to appear from nowhere to lend an unpredictable, memorable element. The twin sisters’ chilled out vocals glide effortlessly across this beat — a dreamy combination that turns every chorus into a closely held moment for listeners. Our thanks to Kitsune for making this one available for free, and kudos on this shrewd bit of A&R.

Saint Lou Lou, “Maybe You” (Lauer Remix)

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