DOTW: Sistol, Kotka (FaltyDL Refunk)

Sasu Ripatti is a familiar name in the dance music world although the monikers he’s appeared under have changed frequently. Recording variably as Vladislav Delay, Luomo, Uusitalo, and Sistol his back catalog similarly ranges from house to techno and ambient to jazz, all strung together by his attention to the tiniest of sonic details. In October, Halo Cyan will reissue his long out of print Sistol album, freshly remastered and paired with a disc of remixes, including this “refunk” care of New York City’s FaltyDL. Finding his voice in mutated 2-step and garage templates, FaltyDL twists the original’s nervy, stumbling thump into a limber percussion windstorm. A sturdy hi-hat leads the way while cymbals, woodblocks, toms, and processed field recordings get whipped together into a kinetic maelstrom. Including a healthy dose of subbass to rattle out the cobwebs, this track is a granual reworking of the quiet and painstaking original. A special thanks to Ripatti, FaltyDL and Halo Cyan for sharing this track.

Download: Sistol, “Kotka” (FaltyDL Refunk)

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Blaktony  on August 22, 2010 at 11:20 AM

Nice chemistry between these 2 ,groovaly delicious, thanx 4 the download….respect.

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