Duplex, Autosample EP

[Frantic Flowers]

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Dutch producers Chris Callahan and John Matze have been recording together as Duplex since 1997, though Matze’s work dates back to ’92. Drawing from the spacious well of influence that is Detroit techno — Anthony “Shake” Shakir, Juan Atkins and Drexciya, among others — the duo somehow received help on their latest EP from one of their heroes. Etched the A side of the “Autosample EP” it says, “‘Vivid Array’ (Beats by da sampla, Anthony “Shake” Shakir. Thanks man.)” Whether this denotes a sample or a friendly collaboration, the blend between Detroit’s finest and deep Norwegian goodness is profoundly enjoyable either way.

The three tracker starts off with “Vivid Array,” a sparkling and hypnotic deep techno track which lives up to its name. Its colorful synth chords cascade across fawning pads and a burbling little loop, marching forward to the beat of dusty snare hits and playful sub-bass. It’s a perfect tune, which makes me wish I’d heard about it back in November when it was released. Duplex channels early Carl Craig for the melancholic “What To Do,” all nattering percussion, yawning keyboard drones and electro vamps eagerly working out a solution to the titular question. “Where’s My City” errs even closer on the side of electro, with rubbery arrangements on a funky voyage to explore space and a spazzed out dance floor. “Vivid Array” alone makes this EP (out on Frantic Flowers, one of Clone’s sister labels) worth snapping up on sight. Given that Shakir was cordial enough to lend his talents to Duplex, I suspect he would be more than proud of results. Check out Duplex’s Myspace for more outstanding tunes.

Chris Callahan  on October 28, 2008 at 2:16 AM

thanks dude. Little late reply, but the kind words are very much appreciated. (Shake ‘lent’ us the beats btw, hence the inscription…)


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