Garben Eden, Romantic Archive

[Lampuka Records]

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Named after the fish that could be found on Malta’s 10c coin before the country’s induction into the Eurozone, Lampuka Records has been slowly gathering a sense of gravitas about it since its first release in May of 2012. That four-tracker, which featured a stunning remix from Fudge Fingas, saw label head Raimo share the platter with Tomas Rubeck, exploring deep house and dub techno. After a similarly impressive second outing courtesy of newcomer Pistol Pete, Lampuka start the new year with another quality addition, this time from German producer Garben Eden. A relative newcomer himself, Garben Eden has previously popped up on Anton Zap’s Ethereal Sound label and also produced a blinding turn on the Ecstasy label out of Portland last August. Only his third release, the Romantic Archive EP sounds more like the work of a long-established producer.

The intricate percussion, lush chord progressions, and treated vocal samples of the title track are all underpinned by a constant synth melody that forms the backbone of the track, pushing it ever forward. Tusk, boss of Tusk Wax, steps in on remix duties, slowing down the track to a menacing, arpeggiated stomp through a saucer-eyed Italian disco. Despite the punishingly slow tempo of the remix, I can’t imagine a dance floor that wouldn’t collectively lose its mind to this. On “Komm,” a wriggling, boogie bass line makes its way through minor chords, high-wire strings, and a shuffling array of shakers and rimshots, while the sensual, titular vocal beckons you either hither or over the edge. “Night Poser” closes out the EP, distinctly more synthetic sounding with its lightly flanging hi-hats and pitch-shifting, mutating keys. Like the other tracks it rides a line between melody and groove — pleasing to the ear but hard hitting enough to keep you on the dance floor. Both Garben Eden and Lampuka look to be ones to watch for 2013.

kuri  on January 25, 2013 at 4:01 PM

yep, this is a really great release.


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