Girl Unit, Wut

Installation by Gabriel Dawe

[Night Slugs]

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As the year approaches its final stages, minds will inevitably begin to reflect over the previous twelve months to determine who deserves a pat on the back for their gifts to the world of music. In 2009, Joy Orbison received less of a pat on the back and more of a full-on Chinese acupressure massage for “Hyph Mngo,” a track that became the elegant embodiment of the delicate, more melodic and thoughtful style that was emerging from the intertwined worlds of garage and dubstep. By the time 2010 is laid to rest, Girl Unit’s “Wut” could well be held in similar esteem.

On the surface, “Wut” may seem a much punchier and more brazen track than “Hyph Mngo” — it’s rave horns rather than muffled voices that fill the gaps on this one – but this is by no means any less of a heartfelt effort. Girl Unit delivers a rhapsodic ode to euphoria itself, demonstrating that reminiscing about a moment of ecstasy can conjure up more powerful emotions than the experience itself. The gushing escalation of the synths, as they emblazon the opening bars of the track with compelling semi-indulgence, are soon tempered by one of the most simplistically wistful music phrases since “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” with four chiming notes somehow incorporating both optimism and resignation in to one short instant. To round off the perfection on the track a scattering of shrill, indeterminable vocals are strewn over the formidable backdrop, thus creating another un-singable sing-a-long anthem for the final throes of a 5 a.m. dance floor.

When at home, though, after “Wut” has run its course you’ll find two other tracks sheltering under its prodigious umbrella: “Every Time”‘ and “Showstoppa.” The former thumps along with an ominous march, snatches of shrieking vocals completing the transition to an altogether darker place than the EP’s opener. “Showstoppa” initially bursts in to existence with the kind of gaudy pomp and swagger more befitting of G-Unit than Girl Unit before settling (somewhat) into a throbbing tribute to big beats and even bigger attitudes. Along with his previous I.R.L. EP, Girl Unit has made quite an impression on the world of bass this year, and shouldn’t be surprised to feel a crowd of hands on his back come list-making time in December.

Pierre-Nicolas  on December 2, 2010 at 6:38 AM

Is it Justin Biber singing ? Come on you can’t listen that more than 3 seconds. I.R.L was way better.

Morgan Elder  on January 7, 2011 at 12:44 PM

Sounds like alice glass from crystal castles to me…..

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