Jonsson/Alter, Brevet Hem


I wouldn’t call them eclectic, but Jonsson/Alter seem to have a roominess in their sound that makes most deviations seem normal. Maybe compare them to Move D, who remixed one of their early singles — they have a hint of “jam band.” There’s a pulse that ticks upwards or forward but doesn’t change directions, and then they throw whatever on top. That might be an oversimplification of music in general. Basically, Jonsson/Alter are not artists who are going to release complex, curveball records, because their airy sound already allows them enough space to experiment.

That said, “Brevet Hem” is apparently enough of a pop song to require an abridged “Radio” mix, which is new for them. The track appeared on their last album, 2, marked by its sort of halted, echoing female vocal, NY house circa ’91 hand drums, Seinfeld bass, and the duo’s typically luscious atmospherics. Where the original had the time to soar and appeal to bigger rooms, the “Radio” mix — appearing on a limited edition 7″ record — cuts it down to those essentials, only peaking for a fraction of the time while alluding to a kind of quiet storm style of house. On the flip is the rare dub version that takes the “dub” aspect in its title seriously. The rhythm shuffles more, organ stabs come to the fore, and much of it, including the vocal, is subject to washes of swirling, stammering delay. Both are well-built reductions, but this release is really only essential for the Jonsson/Alter equivalent of people who follow Phish on tour.

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