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It’s been a quiet beginning to 2009 for the esteemed Perlon label. In fact, they haven’t been heard from since the October 2008 release of the CD version of Ricardo Villalobos’ Vasco project, itself made up mainly of material previously released on vinyl. Blame it on the economy if you must, but there’s no questioning the musical landscape has shifted during Perlon’s silence as the dance universe moves further and further away from minimal tech-house of the last few years in favor of other sounds: dubstep, deep house, and others. While the label’s (and Matt John’s) first release of 2009 certainly won’t bring about any sort of widespread revival, it slips on like a comfortable old shoe or worn-in sweatshirt and reminds us what a reliable and quality label Perlon is.

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“Radio Self” bounces along to a straightforward tech-house beat-and-bass combo and soon peppers in various loopy analog riffs that recall classic Chicago acid work. A simple riff heading straight at your head here and a de-tuned hi-hat there go a long way, and the various pieces and parts rest comfortably next to one another as they gain momentum towards no particular payoff whatsoever: an ascending keyboard run turned unnaturally loud in the mix is the closest thing the track gets to a climax. This may be a club track in the most basic way, but its infectious parts and always-surprising deployment of sounds keep it from being a boring, strictly tracky affair. On the flip, “Sacing” fuses a bubbling bass line with finger-poppin’ rhythms and a handful of overlapping vocal loops to come a bit closer to a deep-house sound, again in the vintage Chicago mold. There are definite Windy City influences at work here, but ultimately these are Perlon tracks, deftly skating between house and techno with space and style. These tunes certainly don’t reinvent the wheel, nor do they try to, but they show that in the hands of gifted producers, minimal tech-house has some life left in it yet.

eric cloutier  on April 14, 2009 at 8:29 AM

snagged this one about a month ago and it hasn’t left my crate since.

“sacing” is so damn good it hurts. those the chanting of the words gets a little annoying at times due to the fact it drags on forever, when it switches in the middle to the verses and other mumblings of what i believe to be prosumer, shit is on fire.

“radio self” is a fun track, and i totally love playing it out, but sometimes that high-hat noise gets grating on the nerves, especially if the system its played on leaves a lot to be desired.

ballyhoo  on April 14, 2009 at 1:21 PM

believe perlon slowed down due to neuton’s closing. they’re distributed by word and sound now.

that’s the thing with matt john tracks, and so many of perlon records since the purple jackets. they require so much damn patience, but they usually end up being good.

Limbic  on April 15, 2009 at 3:46 PM

yes, this I will buy! on Vinyl of course!!

colin s  on April 15, 2009 at 7:24 PM

Life left in yeah. (Bring back mnml!)

Perlon are one of the rare labels that just don’t bend to fashions. Sacing is really very good.

ballyhoo  on April 16, 2009 at 10:44 PM

left the store without this one a couple weeks back… since then i came around to joker family pt 2, and after listening to this sample a couple times, i realize i need to go back to the store.

i’m an idiot.

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