Seixlack, Seu Lugar É O Cemitério

[40% Foda/Maneirissimo]

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Seixlack continues Brazilian label 40% Foda/Maneirissimo’s streak of singular artists. Although his work is muffled by distortion, Seixlack actually seems to possess more of a producerly approach than most of his labelmates, incorporating more of a labored, textural element, and choppier rhythms. This helps to situate him somewhere adjacent to a number of unique foreign acts; someone like Lukid comes to mind, or a number of artists on the Border Community label. Philip Sherburne made a comparison to DJ Koze on Spin, which I think is apt as well, especially in terms of his drums.

Seu Lugar É O Cemitério opens with a pair of short cuts. The title track moves with a squashed, halted prance, with an entanglement of corroded melodic bits helping drive things. “Bart” scrapes forward at a quicker clip, led by a degraded loop that seems to geyser up from the track’s pulse, squirting and separating like mercury. These tracks feel like a setup for the cloudy euphoria of the eight-minute “Tele-Sexo.” This frazzles the listener pretty quickly. Its jerky skip is immediately saturated by dazed, vertiginous synthesizer; its relentlessness feels like tumbling down a long hill of wildflowers. This is to say it’s pretty close to a headache, if you’re not ready for something so intensely loopy. Overall it’s a bit of a stylistic sidestep for the label, but a strong one.

Luizinho Cray  on February 13, 2014 at 8:17 PM

i love 40%

jorge loureirinho  on February 26, 2014 at 10:53 AM

seixlacK’s Seu Lugar é o Cemitério Official Videoclip:

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