Social Disco Club & Maia, The Way You Move

[Bear Funk]

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The name of Social Disco Club’s monthly party in Porto, Portugal is “Are You Re-Edit?” which up to now has been an apt description of Humberto Matias’s dance floor MO. On the SDC blog, Matias has been exploring the history and consequences of disco and posting choice and cheeky vinyl-rips and re-edits since 2007. His wholehearted enthusiasm (even for the English language) has made the SDC a popular watering hole on the disco blog circuit and eventually given him the opportunity to reach a vinyl audience last year with releases on Spanish label OCSID Music and Belgian label Mindless Boogie. While “The Way You Move” shows Matias trying his hand at original production with X-Wife band member and fellow Porto native Rui Maia, it clearly reflects a re-edit sensibility with some left of center vocal sampling and a restrained, indulging pace that maintains both tension and release.

Bear Funk 040 puts “The Way You Move” under the razorblades of two lauded re-editors, with Greg Wilson applying his Midas Touch to the A-side and diskJokke twisting the B-side around his own sound. While Wilson’s edit never strays too far from the original, something about his shrewd re-composition makes it the prime cut on the release. From the opening drag, we’re left at a loss as to whether this track is building up or coming down. This tension is not absent in the original mix, but Wilson knows how to tease it to tears so effectively that you can’t say for sure if the vinyl’s about to catch fire or covered in frost. On the flip side, diskJokke applies a thick coat of his own sonic varnish to some of the track’s key elements, adding some grit and grain. Snapping the smooth surface of “The Way You Move” like it was a dirty rubber band, he shoots this groove to the ceiling and watches it fall. With both edits successfully drawing on the original, the tables are turned: this re-editor just got re-edited. And with a string of upcoming releases scheduled on labels like Disco Deviance, Hands of Time, Strut, and Permanent Vacation, it might be time to put a revolving door on the Social Disco Club.

Ulterior  on October 8, 2009 at 9:14 PM

oh this is the disco i can feel

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