The Parallel, Cosmic Observer


Since his self-titled 2009 debut for Komisch, Irish producer The Parallel has turned out a stream of releases for smaller imprints, persistently carving out a sound that is more or less a kind of techno lover’s techno. On Cosmic Observer, his first release of 2011, he returns to the label with three varied tracks. Aerodynamic opener “Side Exosphere” economically combines a driving pace with liquid dubbiness. As it progresses, it develops a sharp swing, with the producer steadily piling percussion atop the framework. There’s a lot of this kind of Robert Hood-influenced techno around lately and the track doesn’t really stand out from the glut, but it’s certainly solid enough to sit in a set.

On the flip, “Deep End” is an impressive exercise in Detroit-influenced deep space techno, all thick, droning chords and background mechanical shuffle. It’s the best synthesis of dance floor engineering and emotional resonance here. Finally, “Analogue City” is almost entirely driven by a poignant bass line and pads. The track is percussively sparse, and its hi-hats interestingly cut out midway through and don’t return, leaving the few other elements to drift around the kicks. The EP showcases The Parallel’s reductionist skill and comfort with producing different kinds of tracks, however it does so without a lot of flair or eccentricity.

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