Unity Love Vibe, Info Trac/Doom Loop

[Station 5 Records]

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With the boom in boutique labels continuing apace, a record doesn’t need a hand-stamped white label to puzzle and pique the interest of record shoppers. Take for example the apparent debut of Love Unity Vibe (aka Lee Goodman) and inaugural release for his label, Station 5 Records. There’s relatively little information about the imprint besides is New York origins; you’ll get much more out of its grooves, starting with the mid-tempo A-side, “Info Trac.” What starts as conventional contemporary deep house quickly becomes distinct from its peers, its calm pads and emphatic bass line receiving air cover from a series of well conceived synth leads across several synthy instruments. “Doom Loop” is equally assertive despite its restrained pace, scored with zig-zagging melodies and deliberate leads that are nonetheless gripping. While neither track is a trailblazer, their graceful construction and constant development reveal Goodman to be a considerable talent if not a well known name. It’s easy to see why he would want to put these tracks out himself, although he may not need to in the future.

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