Wincent Kunth, MDR 8

[Marcel Dettmann Records]

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Like his Ostgut Ton colleague Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann is rather selective about the artists who release on his eponymous label. His ear for outstanding techno has yet to disappoint the imprint’s dedicated fans, inviting Norman Nodge to make his debut and T++ to remix two of MD’s tracks. Dettmann entrusted the eighth volume with Wincent Kunth, an unknown, purportedly Swiss producer whose only appearances to date were two remixes of Dettmann’s tracks. It also marks a shift away from the standard of stamped white labels and towards full-color sleeves and labels. The stark beauty of Act’s industrial photography on the cover is mirrored in the four tracks beneath it.

Unlike so many Berghain-inspired tracks, Kunth’s music manages to be commanding without attempting to intimidate. The elements he calls upon are often simple and common, but programmed with such skill and finessed throughout so as to wring every drop from them. With nagging claps and hi-hats that fall like welding sparks, opener “Promise” begins as a jack track whose droning synth work evolves into an enrapturing legato progression. Hypnotic tones steer clear highlight “Relove (Edit)” towards house territory as an organ progression glinting with overtones makes its case over insistent percussion. “Sinking” entangles listeners in quaking tones as Kunth tweaks and adds to his adroitly patterned vintage drum machines. “Trickle” begins nearly fully formed, a mesmerizing array of unearthly tones, piano stabs and a vocal-like loop that’s fastened together by tight and perfectly timed drumwork. In style and substance, MDR 8 is a record you might expect from such revered producers Dan Bell or Ben Klock — an uncanny feat for Wincent Kunth’s solo debut. Whether under Dettmann’s wing or on his own, Kunth’s is a name to watch for in 2012.

BPP  on January 26, 2012 at 2:18 PM

This is a damn good record. Swings hard.


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