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For the past couple years or so, Gadi Mizrahi and Zev have been two of Brooklyn’s key house entrepreneurs. Under the moniker Wolf + Lamb they DJ parties, produce tracks, and release records by themselves and some close friends, all from a dingy art space in Williamsburg known as The Marcy Hotel. Their most recent release, the aptly titled “Brooklynn EP,” finds Wolf + Lamb poised for a breakthrough as a production team and label.

Each of the four tracks here exemplifies Wolf + Lamb’s balmy sound, but none so elegantly as “If U Had (Shaun Reeves Edit).” It’s got the sexy house-noir style of artists like Mikael Stavostrand or Kreon, but crafts an unusually rich narrative for a minimal house track. Through broken vocal snippets and one or two complete sentences, a sullen diva invites an unhappily taken man to imagine the two of them together. The beat shuffles along with guarded uncertainty, finally breaking into something funky as the song nears its end. Although this is the best track on the EP, “Idiosyncratic” is a close runner up. Crooked piano stabs and twisted sax snippets swirl around bass kick, lending a faint echo of New York No Wave to an otherwise familiar house formula (“Lady Scarface” by Lydia Lunch springs to mind). “Must Be Brooklynn” pairs a plodding rhythm with a hazy atmosphere, but to less charismatic effect than the other tracks on offer. A vocalist named Smirk guests on “Therapist,” providing the kind of tongue-in-cheek flavor one might expect from his name. Lyrics like “baby tell me your problems / let me your therapist tonight,” give the track a half-ironic swagger that might take some getting used to, but it’s hard to say no to those slick drums and hovering chords, and ultimately this one turns out to be a grower. Hot on the heels of Seth Troxler’s “Aphrika,” “Brooklynn EP” ought keep Wolf + Lamb’s buzz going well into the summer.

steofan  on May 14, 2009 at 1:16 PM

love this release.
agree with “If U Had (Shaun Reeves Edit)” as being strong, but “Therapist” is it for me on this package. Sexy, funky, groovy & taking the piss all in one, a real gem.

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