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Oceania, Postable EP

Oceania’s sophomore release finds the Russian producer sidestepping into new territory involving chopped piano and various Burialisms for an occasionally pretty, often workmanlike EP.

F, Energy Distortion

French producer F (born Florent Aupetit) works in the broadly defined dubstep-techno crossover zone inhabited by artists like Dave Huismans (2562 and A Made Up Sound), Paul Rose (Scuba and SCB), Martyn and RenĂ© Pawlowitz (Shed, STP, and EQD). Energy Distortion, his debut full-length for 7even Recordings, bundles three prior EPs (Energy Distortion Parts 1-3) with several bonus tracks, and while this somewhat characterizes it as a compilation there’s a crystalline coherence throughout. There are no superfluous forays into new genres, nor are there moments that depict a relatively young producer still finding his footing. Each track tightly rolls, containing the sort of intensity that increases tenfold when played loudly. Brimming with confidence, it’s the product of an artist with a refined vision and an instinct for crowd-moving structures.