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LWE Podcast 44: Ed Davenport retires this week

LWE’s 44th podcast came from UK mind-bender Ed Davenport. Make sure to grab his crafty mix before it retires this Friday, April 22nd.

LWE Podcast 44: Ed Davenport

Ed Davenport is not a producer whose tracks neatly melt into the background. His claps crunch too hard, his vocals are often bewildering, and many of his tunes take sudden left turns which are hard to ignore. The UK born, Berlin based producer has made a career of standing apart from his peers, crafting uncommon house music for liebe*detail, Gumption Recordings, District Of Corruption and Vidab while remixing everyone from Len Faki and Mark Henning to Guy J. And having released his first record at age 21, Davenport still has many years in front of him to further confound audiences and let his ear-catching timbres and rhythms unfurl themselves across dance floors around the world. We grabbed the young producer for a chat about his unusual sounds, working with a broad assortment of labels, and his favorite time of day to spin. Davenport also contributed LWE’s 44th exclusive podcast, a diverse slate which offers an aural roadmap to the tunes that have inspired his conspicuous sound.

Ed Davenport, Tillmans Uninfluence/Apples

[Gumption Recordings] Listening to “Tillmans Uninfluence/Apples,” the latest release from London-based producer Ed Davenport, I can’t help but think he’s the UK’s fresh-faced answer to Boris Steffen, better known as Jichael Mackson. They share an affinity for producing tracks which jauntily tread the fine line between functionality and bedroom listening, and both utilize odd samples […]