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LWE in the mix

It’s been a drippy weekend here in Chicago. One minute we’ll have torrential downpours, the next it’s merely impenetrable humidity. Suffice it to say, it’s not shirt-wearing weather. I tried to capture the summery stickiness with this mix. Hopefully this mix only makes you perspire if you’re moving along. Download: Little White Earbuds, 6.8.2008 (72:33) […]

James Kartsaklis in the mix

The Body Politic‘s most musically prolific member, James Kartsaklis has blessed us with another DJ mix — perhaps his best yet. He’s keeping the tracklisting close to his chest in order to let listeners’ ears make the decisions instead of a quick scan of his selections. Suffice it to say, though, your ears will thanking […]

LWE Podcast 02: dOP

Theirs for the taking: dOP hangs out. Photo by Myqua. Parisian trio dOP doesn’t DJ, rarely spends time in clubs, prefers physical instruments to VSTs, and writes “songs,” not “tracks.” Perhaps their outsiders’ instincts are exactly why Damien Vandesande, Jonathan “Jo” Illel and Clement Zemstov are poised on the cutting edge of house/techno, though their […]

LWE Podcast 01: Terrence Dixon

After nearly a decade and a half of producing and DJing, Detroit native Terrence Dixon seems to constantly redefine what it means to be at the top of his game. I have to admit, though, I wasn’t aware of Dixon until I found last year’s stunning Train of Thought album on Yore Records. His choice of gnarled, densely textured loops was unconventional delight which certainly stood out, as it subtly threaded together a swath of otherwise incongruous sounds into floor-pounding and mind-warping techno tracks. Later I found out he’s been wowing fans since the mid 90’s, with releases on Utensil Records, Tresor and Background. Dixon was kind enough to briefly chat with me and lend Little White Earbuds a recent DJ set of his. It’s a bit low-fi and unfortunately I don’t have a tracklisting, but if you’re feeling cavalier, feel free to trainspot in the comments.

Introductions are in order

You may have noticed a new tagline at the end of the last post. Well, that’s me. I’m Manuel and I live in Chicago. I’m not really sure what I should be saying right now, introductions like this are not my favorite thing to do. My music background is noise making with real instruments and […]