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LWE Podcast 02: dOP retiring this week

If you want to hear the Parisian trio’s first ever podcast, an eclectic and compelling mixtape spanning the entirety of their record collections, make haste and download LWE Podcast 02 now. It will be retired Friday, January 15th at 10 am (CST).

DOP, I’m Just a Man EP

[Eklo] It’s truly heartening to see a young group like DOP growing more confident in their talents and compositions, as each successive release hones in on the trio’s strengths while leaving room for experimentation. This heightened focus has meant greater dance floor utility and accessibility, especially for the “God Bless the Child EP” on Milnor […]

LWE Podcast 02: dOP

Theirs for the taking: dOP hangs out. Photo by Myqua. Parisian trio dOP doesn’t DJ, rarely spends time in clubs, prefers physical instruments to VSTs, and writes “songs,” not “tracks.” Perhaps their outsiders’ instincts are exactly why Damien Vandesande, Jonathan “Jo” Illel and Clement Zemstov are poised on the cutting edge of house/techno, though their […]

Little White Earbuds April Charts

Chart courtesy of The Economist 01. DJ Bone, “Sect 1” [Sect Records] (buy) This enigmatic three tracker defies placement in space and time, with a sound well versed in classic methods but as fresh as anything else out there. Here’s hoping whoever sent “Sect 1” to me is prepared to share its wealth with a […]