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LWE Podcast 38: Thomas Andersen retires this week

LWE’s 38th podcast by Thomas Andersen was also the winner of our second annual podcast competition. Make sure to download this exemplar of what we look for in a podcast before it heads off to the archives on Friday, March 11th.

LWE Podcast 38: Thomas Andersen

After many hours spent scoring your mixes, our panel of eight judges has chosen a winning set: Congratulations to Thomas Andersen of Denmark, the winner of LWE’s second annual podcast competition. His mix grabbed our attention the most and earns him three Fabric CDs from 2009. In second place we have Mr. Kaizen of Toronto, who wins two Fabric CDs from 2009, and Eddie Bacal, also of Toronto, takes third and one Fabric CD from 2009. Congratulations to all the winners! Let’s move on to the podcast.