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House Of House, Rushing to Paradise

When you describe a track as “deep house,” what are you referring to? Presently the most common answer is a specific sound, one characterized by Rhodes (minor) chord stabs, mellow, hand-drummed grooves, and flecks of diva vocals or preacher a cappellas. The description has some merit, especially when applied to contemporary “deep house,” but I’ve always felt it leaves out a crucial aspect: depth. When music has depth — a wealth of elements and multiple layers of complexity — there’s so much more to hold dear, to relate to, to appreciate. It takes time to fully appreciate deep music’s density and the interplay between its range of sounds, as well as its impact from a big picture perspective. Depth alone is not enough to make music enjoyable or of high quality, but a deftly executed, bountiful song stands out widely from the pack. Listening to “Rushing to Paradise,” the debut single from Brooklyn’s House Of House, I get the sense its creators (Olivier Spencer of Still Going/Manthraxx and Saheer Umar) share my passion for depth in deep house.