James Kartsaklis & LWE tomorrow @ Cafe Lura

As the last edition of The Body Politic went out with an unfortunate and unexpected fizzle, James and I are back with a bang this Thursday. Cafe Lura (3184 N Milwaukee), an impressive venue usually servicing the drum n’ bass/reggae/dubstep scene, is throwing open its doors to techno and house fans by hosting Thunderous Olympian, James Kartsaklis, Nick’d and myself from 9pm-2am. It’s only $5 and Cafe Lura is apparently famous for its huge frosty mugs of Polish beer. Hope to see you there.

gillsans  on September 4, 2008 at 2:35 PM

rock on fellas! what I would do to be there.

james kartsaklis  on September 5, 2008 at 12:34 PM

thanks, gillsans. it was a good time: a few friends and strangers turned out; thunderous olympian was a cool guy who threw down a very tite set and – contrary to what we’d been led to believe – not visiting but actually a transplant to our fare city; the venue was essentially a dungeon, and we’ve been invited back, so that’s exciting.

i think i can speak for steve and i both in saying that i don’t think it could ever top a party on vancouver isle, though 😉

littlewhiteearbuds  on September 6, 2008 at 1:55 PM

For my own edification and anyone else’s curiosity, here is my setlist:

Motor City Drum Ensemble, “SMK Part 2”
Soundstream, “Makin Love”
The Mole, “Smiling and Running”
Henrik Schwarz, Ame & Dixon, “D.P.O.M.B.” (Version 2)
Solomun, “Explicit”
Vincenzo & Duffer Swift, “Got to Be” (Herbert remix)
Arto Mwambe, “Ombala Mbembo”
Niggemann & Poppcke, “L’aurora” (Agnes’ Chicago Take)
Process, “Fiction”
Trus’Me, “Good God”
Francesco Tristano, “The Melody” (Carl Craig remix)
The Mole, “Conscience Down By the Tracks Near the 80”
Luke Solomon, “People, Places, Thoughts and Faces” (Ajello remix)
Lee Jones, “As You Like It” (Recloose remix)
Pepe Bradock, “Atom Funk”
Iz & Diz, “Unnnhhh”

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