A Degenerate Round Up

Photo by Dave Surgan (ObsceneNYC)

This past weekend Made Events served up Sunday School for Degenerates, a 26-hour clubbing marathon which left many with sore limbs, ringing ears and fewer brain cells, yet ultimately quite happy. While I can’t say I was in attendance the entire time (this Chicagoan rarely gets to club for five hours, let alone 24+), I found much to enjoy. Thoughts and more pictures after the jump.

Overboard Boat Party: Sunday, 5-10PM

Things started off a bit bumpy as a lack of organization left ticketholders, guestlisters and those vying for one of the few remaining tickets all lumped together and struggling to board. But after braving the entry queue (and the bar “queue,” sheesh), things evened out as Adultnapper kicked things off with a surprisingly tuneful set. Air conditioning rendered each indoor deck quite comfortable, but the crammed rooftop was the place to be. The temperature was warm but breezy, and while the music struggled from the two small speakers, the setting was serene enough to just sit back and absorb it all. The crowd was friendly and enthralled with Steve Bug’s diverse and masterfully blended set — highlights from which included My My’s “Everybody’s Talkin” and King Britt’s remix of Josh One’s “Contemplation” — which lasted until we returned to land.

Sunday School for Degenerates: Sunday, 10PM-9AM

I must admit defeat here. Although I heard good things about sets from Kate Simko and the James What/Dan Berkson live set, I only arrived at the unusually maze-like Rebel in time for Martin Landsky’s 6am set. The thinned out but surprisingly charged crowd worked it out to a more minimally-flavored set than this preview mix had led me to predict.

Matthew Dear checks the levels.

Afterschool Special: Sunday, 10AM-9PM

The Yard, a small stretch of industrial property which lives up the the name, was the perfect venue for the last and most entertaining event of the Degenerate weekend. Early attendees lounged on folding chairs in the shade, letting Brendon Moeller’s muscular dub techno float towards them on the gentle breeze. Zip ended up canceling being denied a work visa, but Made quickly slotted Matthew Dear in his place to fill the air with dark percussive textures. Dear’s support for Oslo was loud and clear, playing two tracks from Nekes’ “Cristal” EP and Johnny D’s “Walkman.” Joe Mull only made things murkier and less melodic, but was embraced by the growing crowd.

Cassy gives us a smile.

By the time Cassy took to the decks (the only DJ to play actual vinyl, in fact), the Yard had grown comfortably crowded, split evenly between those bouncing in the rocks in front of the “stage” and those enjoying some truly tasty Mexican food from the seating section. With an unhurried grace, Cassy wound up stark minimal rhythms over which she laid soulful vocals — somewhat emulating the winning formula of her own tunes. With the crowd appropriately sauced, the dancing got on in earnest and trainspotters were left in the dust. Steve Bug (unexpectedly) closed out the mini-fest, but which point I’d had enough “oonce, oonce” to last me for a few days. Although I felt a bit oversaturated after the Degenerate experience, I’m glad to say I attended Sunday School and its attendant events.

brendon  on September 4, 2008 at 11:01 AM

great to meet you at afterschool on monday steve! keep up the good work (and play) :)

eric cloutier  on September 4, 2008 at 11:30 AM

for clarifications sake, zip didn’t cancel…the united states made him cancel.

he was turned back in detroit on saturday for lack of a work visa, so it might be a while before we see him again stateside.

and ol’ moeller sure rocked a spot early! nice and bubbly, just how i like my morning techno.

harpomarx42  on September 4, 2008 at 5:34 PM

First Laurent Garnier…then Zip…and RV better be here 21/01/09!
Bloody immigration…

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