Anthony Naples, Mad Disrespect EP

[Mister Saturday Night Records]

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Label nights are often exciting events, but what’s it like things happen in reverse? Mister Saturday Night has stood for some of New York’s finest parties since its establishment a few years ago, and as they’ve consolidated their brand, their events have only gotten better. Starting a label would seem to be the logical next step, and though the duo of Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin are both producers in their own rights, they cede the honors of label debut to newcomer Anthony Naples. I’m told that the three tracks on the Mad Disrespect EP are the first Naples has ever made; but whether that’s true is only incidental, as the record has all of the energy of a youthful producer without any of the technical hangups.

Harkin and Carter wanted their label to showcase the sound of their party, and “Mad Disrespect” does that in spades with confident garage swagger and some incredibly catchy vocal snippets, the kind that lodge in your head even though you’ll never really know exactly what they’re saying. It grooves along until giving way to a good deal of sub-bass, upping the warmth and causing more than a bit of dance floor catharsis. The two tracks on the B-side are quite nice as well, with “Slackness” being a fine rhythm track and “Tusk” reminding a little of John Roberts. For those who’ve never been to a Mister Saturday Night event, Mad Disrespect accomplishes the goal of providing an exquisite overview of the party’s sound, but more importantly it introduces us to a very talented new producer, one whose name is sure to be on many lips this year. It may only be April, but given the above average weather outside, it seems fair to say “Mad Disrespect” is poised to be one of the summer’s big tunes.


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