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  • chris miller | Little White Earbuds

    Tag Archive: chris miller

    Little White Earbuds Interviews Efdemin

    Phillip Sollmann’s work in computer music and drone under his birth name has long been distinct from his career as a DJ called Efdemin, but with his latest album, Decay, the two worlds are becoming ever closer. LWE talked to him recently about the merging of these two worlds, the Internet, and the history of electronic music.

    Little White Earbuds Interviews Huerco S.

    LWE caught up with Huerco S. in advance of his appearance this Friday at Unsound New York’s Mutual Dreaming party to talk about naivité, jungle, and just who exactly he is.

    Sendai, A Smaller Divide

    A Smaller Divide, the follow-up to Sendai’s 2012 debut album, pulls the Belgian duo of Peter Van Hoesen and Yves De Mey outside the club and into space.

    STL, At Disconnected Moments

    For those looking to dive deep into the kind of airy, long-form grooves Stephan Laubner does so well, At Disconnected Moments is a gold mine.

    NHK’Koyxeи, Dance Classics Vol. III

    The third in a trilogy of Dance Classics from Kouhei Matsunaga, Vol. III sees NHK’Koyxen engage with techno more overtly than on previous issues.

    Ulwhednar, LP

    Ulwhednar, a collaboration between Swedish producers Varg and Abdullah Rashim, released an LP of mesmerizing, immersive techno in 2013 that went widely overlooked.

    LWE’s Top 5 EPs of 2013

    LWE’s year-end charts begin with associate editor Chris Miller’s top 5 EPs of 2013.

    Silent Servant, Jealous God 03

    With his new Jealous God label it seems like Mendez is ready to take his well-established sound and step outside of it: dissolving it, reshaping it, and bringing it into new territories.

    Vatican Shadow, Remember Your Black Day

    Remember Your Black Day is nominally Vatican Shadow’s debut album despite several long playing past releases, raising and challenging listeners’ expectations.

    Deepchord, Prana / Tantra

    While making references to yogic concepts, Prana/Tantra just moves more than any Deepchord record we’ve heard in awhile.

    Pev & Kowton, End Point

    Until now, though, Livity Sound has lacked an anthem. Both “Infinity Is Now” and “End Point” by Pev & Kowton happen to be just that.

    LWE Podcast 178: Bookworms

    Bookworms has earned quite the reputation as a live performer — evidence of which can be found right here in our exclusive 178th podcast, a live set recorded in Chicago. We caught up with him recently to discuss everything from Playstation to his recording process to badass DJ names.

    James Ruskin, Jealous God 02

    Jealous God’s second dispatch, by 1/3rd label owner James Ruskin, lays out six tracks of techno so engaging that all miscellanea included with the record are quickly forgotten.

    Catching Up With Luke Slater

    In anticipation of his appearances at Output for The Bunker on Friday, September 13th and Smart Bar for Oktave on Saturday the 14th, LWE sat down with Slater recently for a quick chat about his new album, techno’s multicultural roots, and getting billed under his birth name.

    LWE Interviews Marcel Fengler

    LWE caught up with Marcel Fengler recently to chat about making Fokus in Thailand, ballet, and his DIN project with Efdemin.

    Black Sites, Prototype

    Grungy and kind of beat up like the Golden Pudel at which they’re residents, Helena Hauff and F#X’s debut as Black Sites make good use of an oft-abused sound.

    LWE Podcast 174: Martyn

    As LWE’s 174th podcast shows, Martyn roams through cuts both heady and floor-filling, both widely-loved and deeply-dug, but always with the steady pulse of 4/4 dance music at its core. As he comes off a year of busy touring, we caught up with Martyn to take a peak inside his record bag, talk about getting back into the studio, and about living in the States.

    Max Loderbauer, Transparenz

    With Trasparenz, listeners find perennial man-behind-the-curtain Max Loderbauer step forward and introduce himself to record buyers as a solo artist.

    Donato Dozzy, Donato Dozzy Plays Bee Mask

    It seems in reworking someone else’s material Donato Dozzy found complete freedom to do what he want — a sentiment all too understandable given Bee Mask’s bounty of ideas.

    tobias. / o.utlier, Classics / For One Of The Least (Main Pass)

    Continuing its tradition of releasing one DJ-friendly record per year, Naïf marks 2013 with a split single from Tobias. and o.utlier.