Anton Zap, Anton Zap EP

[Underground Quality]

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Hot on the heels of his sophomore release, Russian house producer Anton Zap glows with potential. He made a splash last January with a split called “Real House Music…” on which he upstaged label boss Jus-Ed with a breezy, hummable track called “Captain Rush.” His self-titled solo EP, also released on Underground Quality, reveals Zap as a champion of misty textures and sultry beats, boasting lush rhythms and cool, cavernous atmospheres.

“Anton Zap EP” kicks off with “Captain Storm,” a deep and groovy number that none of the following tracks manage to outdo. The bass line bumbles with the same simple perfection as Queen and Bowie’s “Under Pressure,” giving this track an infectious hook to compliment the awe-inspired wonder of its backdrop. “Tk4” is a syncopated curveball; skittering bass kicks, aquatic imagery and a tempo of 130bpm place this one somewhere between Burial and Shed to somewhat awkward effect. “Cold” introduces some traditional and melancholy house vocals from Vadik K, which liven things up but slightly diminishes the sublimity that characterizes the other tracks. “PM Please” finishes the EP with a compelling beat and mild euphoria that could devastate a sleepy dance floor. All four tracks possess a refreshing, vaporous aesthetic that could evolve into Zap’s signature sound, and makes his upcoming “Pepper Exchange” EP all the more intriguing.

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