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LWE Podcast 110: DJ Jus-Ed is archived this week

LWE’s 110th podcast was a stellar collection of Underground Quality tracks mixed by label head, DJ Jus-Ed. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, November, 30th.

LWE Podcast 86: Tazz is archived this week

LWE’s 86th podcast by Tazz, excerpted from one of his club sets, was a showcase of his love for raw, housey playfulness. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, May 25th.

Talking Shopcast 08: Anthony Parasole is archived this week

LWE’s eighth Talking Shopcast, mixed by Anthony Parasole, was a fusion of drum-thumping house music and tracks that kept listeners on their toes and dancing.

LWE Podcast 110: DJ Jus-Ed

LWE got in touch with Ed to talk about the move to self-distribution, as well as the closing of Tape in Berlin, a club that has deep ties with the Underground Quality family. He also provided us with our 110th podcast: a special mix of his tracks (with some guest cameos) dedicated to the closing of the club.

LWE Podcast 86: Tazz

Tazz contributed a spirited mix for LWE’s 86th exclusive podcast, excerpted from a recent club set, which reflects his dynamic of tracky naivete and vivacious musicality.

Tazz, Underground 07 & 12

Underground 07 & 12 marks a first for the Montreal-based producer, stepping away from Jus-Ed’s label for a turn on the UK-based Tsuba Records.

Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana, Memories of You EP

Regular listeners of Jus-Ed’s radio show and the uninitiated alike will find plenty to like in Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana’s Memories of You EP.

DJ Jus-Ed, I’m Comin’

Despite dividing opinion in its original version, the Aybee and Levon Vincent remixes of Jus-Ed’s “I’m Comin'” are more likely to bring fans back together.

LWE Podcast 62: DJ Qu

The dark-house don DJ Qu and I were ostensibly meeting up for an interview, but I got the distinct sense he’d be down for a lengthy chat about vinyl, house dancing, and putting his long-in-the-works album together regardless of whether the tape was rolling. Qu was also kind enough to provide us with an exclusive mix of, in his words, “Thump and vibe, in a Warrior style mentality.”

Talking Shopcast with Underground Quality

For the eighth edition of our Talking Shopcast series we visited Bridgeport, CT, home of Jus-Ed and his Underground Quality label. We also provide an exclusive mix by Anthony Parasole, Deconstruct Label boss and one of New York’s finest DJs.

Jus-Ed, Next Level

Although his top flight turntable chops make clear why Jus-ED is better known as a DJ than a producer, the consistently engaging ideas and execution on Next Level assure listeners that he can sit at the mixing desk with the best of them.

Jenifa Mayanja, Close Encounters

Jenifa Mayanja, wife of Underground Quality impresario DJ Jus Ed and veteran DJ in her own right, has released house singles and “mix albums” over the last couple of years almost exclusively on her own Bu-Mako label. While buoyant and imbued with energy, much of her self-released output has owed far too big a debt to New Age for me to really get behind; the rawness that has made so much recent New York house such an invigorating listen has been lost on her 12″s behind an impenetrable wall of incense smoke. So what a pleasant surprise “Close Encounters” — Bu-Mako’s twelfth release — is, both for anyone who would rather sweat while dancing than taking a Bikram yoga class and for New York house as a whole.

Anton Zap, Anton Zap EP

[Underground Quality] Hot on the heels of his sophomore release, Russian house producer Anton Zap glows with potential. He made a splash last January with a split called “Real House Music…” on which he upstaged label boss Jus-Ed with a breezy, hummable track called “Captain Rush.” His self-titled solo EP, also released on Underground Quality, […]