Argy & The Martinez Brothers, Debbie Downer/Where’s Mr. Brown?

Art by James Jean


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The Martinez Brothers are best known because they’re not yet old enough to hear their own music in a club. The gimmick is an easy sell — most recently as a New York Times profile in which the Grey Lady traded a little objectivity for a lot of Objektivity. Heralded as “the future of dance music,” it’s no small miracle there hasn’t been more backlash against the Brothers Martinez, given how little they’ve actually released. But while it’s easy to hold that against them, it’s hard to argue against quality control. Still, we’ve waited two years for the next track after the duo’s epic “My Rendition,” and dance music has a notoriously short memory.

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“Debbie Downer” feels both earned and like a finely-tuned follow-up. In collaboration with Argy, TMB have crafted another anthem of a track, with splattering drums held together by just enough gristle. “Debbie Downer” is as deliberate as it is large, with drums slowly folding into more efficient shapes and eventually into the releases of shrieking keyboards. Sometimes the effect is too deliberate, with the sprays of white noise sounding a bit knee-jerk. But there’s little to complain about with “Debbie Downer” outside of the title’s nod to Saturday Night Live; the track is packed with great moments. Maybe my favorite is how the vocal sample of “don’t you care for me” is less of a confrontation than a sigh. On the backside, “Where’s Mr. Brown” tempers the grandeur but not the size. The track leans on heavy doses of reverb and sprinkled melodies, and ends up sounding pleasant if unremarkable — which leaves a decent batting ratio for a follow-up. If the Martinez Brothers are still the future of dance music, could someone tell the future to hurry up?

Josie K  on March 2, 2009 at 7:00 AM

I can’t see any future in this track. It’s presence if anything and to be honest it’s a pretty mediocre one.
Other than those guys being very young I see nothing special about this rave stomper.

harpomarx42  on March 2, 2009 at 7:51 PM

Not too big on Debbie Downer, but a massive fan of ‘Where’s Mr Brown?’. Reminds me why I love spacey tech-house with an edge.

Un-nown  on March 6, 2009 at 3:26 AM

another cookie cutter record, great.

saying that the martinez brothers are the future of dance music really is laughable.

tom  on June 17, 2010 at 3:00 PM

“future of dance music”… that’s marketing, not more. But I love these tracks. To me they fit perfectly well with the 90s house/techno revival we’re definitely in since 2009. There’s some Tenaglia in Debbie Downer, with it’s tribal rhythms and the old school charley…

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