Delroy Edwards, L.I.E.S. XMAS

[Long Island Electrical Systems]

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Even with roughly 20 releases to their name across the year, a lot stands out from the L.I.E.S 2012 back-catalog. When considering their more club-based output, however, arguably one of the most arresting was the rise to underground prominence of Delroy Edwards. Hitting stores in September, the enigmatic L.A. producer’s 4 Club Use Only EP turned more than a few heads, marrying the deep melodic flair of Omar-S with something altogether faster, rougher, and more raw. Fitting, then, that Edwards should be first out of the L.I.E.S. gates in 2013, presenting us with a black label whose barren, unrefined appearance might also reflect its sonic content.

Delroy Edwards, “Heart and Soul”

In actuality, A-side “Heart and Soul,” as the name suggests, is an emotive slice of super-charged techno. Centered around a strikingly elegant and echo-ey organ synth line, emphatic kicks fuse with a real funk-stormer of a bass line to form an entirely captivating whole. Ardent, heart-rending whispers surface intermittently, their repeated cry of “I gave you my heart, I gave you my soul” offsetting the record’s tenacious exterior with feelings of genuine vulnerability. The result is sensational — it really does feel like top-notch Omar-S, albeit after a hit or two of methamphetamine. Those who enjoy their grooves served at a more leisurely pace should try pitching it down to -8 — you won’t lose any of the magic. On the flip we have the starkly contrast of “Sprk tha Dust.” If the A was Edward at his most endearing, then B is him at his most asocial. Rabid, distorted kicks lead the charge at roughly 155 BPM, effectively drowning out any of the similarly eerie accompanying elements. A coarse, decaying rap vocal plays out over the top, adding a touch of ghetto swagger to this impenetrable quasi-gabber beast. Nevertheless, there’s something embedded deep within the sounds on this record, as there is across his output, that’s so intriguing and pungently organic it will have you listening again and again.

proangelwings  on February 12, 2013 at 3:59 PM

sprk tha dust is amazing

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