Author Archive: Carlos Hawthorn

Lawrence, In A Rush

Peter Kersten returns to Smallville for the first time in two years for In A Rush, a two-tracker which feels timid and, at times, unfinished.

Pittsburgh Track Authority, Strenf EP

PTA are perfectly poised to deepen their impression on the scene with the brawny intelligence that pervades their Strenf EP on Spencer Parker’s Work Them Records.

Delroy Edwards, L.I.E.S. XMAS

Having made his spectacular debut on L.I.E.S in 2012, it’s fitting for Delroy Edwards to start the year for the label with two uncommonly fast techno tracks.

Recondite, Plangent #005

Dial associates RNDM and Kassian Troyer offer their takes on “Dawn” and “Haptic” from Recondite’s back catalog on his own Plangent Records.

Motor City Drum Ensemble, Send A Prayer

After a relatively quiet 2012, Motor City Drum Ensemble returns with the four track Send A Prayer EP which stalks confidently throughout admittedly familiar territory.

JiMMi Hendrik, Snappy Bizzness

Snappy Bizzness is, incidentally, far and away German DJ and producer JiMMi Hendrik’s most high-profile release to date, and is a markedly mature one at that.

Nicholas, Things Of The Past

This latest EP sees Nicholas dip his toe into new pastures, advancing from his obsession for finding and manipulating old vocal samples to actually working with a live singer.

Alex Coulton, Adventures in 4×4 EP

Hype_LTD’s tenth release comes from the buzzed about Alex Coulton, a four-tracker firmly rooted to the dance floor to rather utilitarian ends.

Genius Of Time, Tuffa Trummor EP

Tuffa Trummor pushes things into slightly faster, more driving territory than we’ve come to expect from the Genius of Time and their label, Aniara Recordings.

Kim Ann Foxman, Return It / Hypnotic Dance EP

Making her proper solo debut on Needwant, Kim Ann Foxman (formerly of Hercules & Love Affair) stakes out song-oriented territory amongst all the 90s revivalism.

Cottam, Relapse EP

Almost exactly a year on from his last release on Aus Music, Cottam returns with another contemplative three-track foray into the deep, rolling recesses of his musical mind.

Black Jazz Consortium, Codes and Metaphors Part 1

The first in a three part album series finds Fred Peterkin once more donning his Black Jazz Consortium guise for housier, less dance floor-centric fare.

Ben Klock, Fabric 66

Long on content but short on time, one gets the impression Ben Klock has a lot he wants to convey with Fabric 66, and that’s before you’ve even pressed play.

Braiden, Belfry Tower

The long anticipated follow up to Braiden’s debut on Doldrums in 2010, Belfry Tower conveys a fresh and vibrant approach to production, with strong emphasis placed on retaining groove.

Jimmy Edgar, Sex Drive

The challenge of remixing “Sex Drive,” one of many deprived delights from Jimmy Edgar’s Magenta album, falls to Jon Convex and John Talabot.

Bobby Champs, Drag Queen

Like his debut, the Drag Queen EP is aimed purely at peak time dance floors, further strengthening Bobby Champ’s position within an electronic Britain once again in the grips of techno.