Dexter, Great Northern Diver

[Clone Basement Series]

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Having already tackled house, techno, electro, hard house, ghetto house and trance in his lengthy career, it makes sense that Remy Verheijen would eventually try his hand at writing bass music. Not only would it offer the Dutch producer a new stylistic challenge to conquer, it’s a field that more and more house and techno DJs are drawing upon in their sets. Great Northern Driver, Verheijen’s latest EP as Dexter, arrives on Clone Basement Series and proves his production mastery extends to these newfangled forms as well.

Surefooted drum programming dominates the title track, encircling dancers in a bevy of high pitched hits while more resonate toms mete out a shaded motif. Twisted, almost infantile vocals wriggle through the shots as the rapid pulse of aquamarine synths afford a gleaming lightness to the otherwise stark track. Strapping and spiked with familiar diva syllables, “T.H.I.N.G.” is the most traditionally dubstep of the pack, with kick and snare hits that send dub chords splashing outwards. “Bo-Dyned” is a tune Hessle Audio would likely have signed in an instant, offering a delicate bouquet of wordless female vocals and limpid organ chords that coexist among floor-cracking bass spasms and clap patterns echoing ever outward. It’s rather difficult to believe Great Northern Driver is Verheijen’s first bass music record but much easier to hope it’s not his last.

Joseph Hallam  on September 8, 2011 at 7:11 PM

This is really nice and a refreshing take on bass music.


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