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The eccentric Meakusma imprint seems like a perfect fit for maverick Tel Aviv producer DJ Yoav B., who has made a career of not fitting in. Wisdom Traxx EP is his debut for the label, and its four tracks embody a rough and heavily psychedelic kind of house, their grooves frequently obscured by an overarching sense of madcap experimentalism.

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For the most part, the title track is a stumbling loop of bright, dizzying patterns, serrated effects, and persistent filter tweaks. The formula is repeated to the point of disorientation (or annoyance), with vocal stabs and what sounds like a flute melody eventually making their way in. “Electricité” follows this heady wonkiness, as the producer builds angular, clashing melodic combinations around a slow house rhythm. “Sunset Glow Disko,” as its title implies, is comprised of colorful heatwave disco loops. Like the best examples of the genre, the track maintains a taut, almost anemic groove, finally breaking into a squiggly, Patrick Adams-esque synth line as the listener reaches the edge of anticipation. Finally, Washington DC’s Protect-U provide a remix for “Wisdom Bop” in their typical mazelike style. It’s a lightly stepping, 707-led composition, maintaining the original’s trippy feel and adding a fractured bass line and dazed synths. DJ Yoav B.’s approach can be overly busy and difficult at times, but Wisdom Traxx EP has a rare sense of daring that is refreshing in itself.

Blaktony  on May 18, 2011 at 9:24 AM

“Sunset glow disko” (perfect title)….diggin’ it from the beginning.

Timy T  on May 18, 2011 at 9:56 AM

‘Electricite’ is one mind blowing techno-jazz-funk burner, beautiful release


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