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Protect-U, Motorbike

Seemingly following up on an initiative to sign the semi-related likes of Ital and Polysick, Planet Mu play host to the Protect-U’s third record, Motorbike.

LWE’s Top 30 Tracks of 2011 (30-21)

As in past years, LWE’s reviewing staff has devoted a great deal effort combing through the year’s releases to select our top 30 favorite tracks of 2011. Your mileage may vary and many great tracks were left out, but for us these selections defined our 2011 listening experiences.

DJ Yoav B., Wisdom Traxx EP

DJ Yoav B.’s Wisdom Traxx EP embodies a rough and heavily psychedelic kind of house, its grooves frequently obscured by an overarching sense of madcap experimentalism.