KiNK & Neville Watson, Metropole

[Hour House Is Your Rush]

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Since their initial collaborations for the Hour House Is Your Rush series, KiNK and Neville Watson have subsequently teamed up to remix for a range of artists from various sides of the pond, including Snuff Crew, Mock & Toof, Conforce and Donnacha Costello. From the offset, K&W have avoided the pitfalls of sounding too reminiscent of a bygone era by adding some modern elements to the genre. The same can be said for their solo careers; and while it’s hard to imagine Watson stepping away from the old school foundations of house he so clearly loves, he has proven his worth by modifying the sound on the inaugural Clone Jack For Daze single, Bleeding Through, and Time To Lose Control for the now defunct Dissident imprint. KiNK, on the other hand, has continuously flirted with new territory; evidence of which is plastered throughout his rapidly expanding discography. Together though, the shared passion for old school trax is where the pair find musical solace.

The title track will effortlessly satisfy the peak hours, although structural elements of “Metropole” bear a striking resemblance to those found on pair’s Full Flight EP. Not that this is necessarily a deal-breaker, but considering the avenues K&W have further explored since their first EP, “Metropole” could benefit from some variation in pattern. Filtered hi-hats meander throughout as ascending disco strings emphasize the celestial plane to which the track’s counterparts attest. But what really lifts the track off the ground — as is the case with many of their collaborative efforts — is the rolling 303 bass loop. “The Long Wait” turns the tables on the flip, however, with a surprisingly heads down approach. Its contemplative mood is a new avenue for KiNK and Watson, steering the duo north of Chicago towards the sprawl of Detroit. The usual percussive hallmarks and Roland bass line relay the Chicago flavor, but the overall tone is switched to a refreshing air of melancholy. An insistent synth loop rambles along in a lonesome search while gaseous pads answer its ignored calls and nod to previous remix source, Conforce. The outcome of a KiNK and Neville Watson on Rush Hour was fairly obvious from the start, and though all the right boxes have been ticked, the two have once again avoided outright replicating the “golden days.” However, K&W should be careful of not repeating themselves so their classically-inclined sound doesn’t lose its luster.

Jordan Rothlein  on November 4, 2010 at 10:19 AM

“The Long Wait” FTW!

Blaktony  on November 4, 2010 at 12:57 PM

Detroit, Chicago,& past time references….classic floor shit.

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