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  • rush hour | Little White Earbuds

    Tag Archive: rush hour

    LWE Podcast 136: Aardvarck

    LWE got in touch with Aardvarck to find out about the origin of his moniker, how hip hop and funk have laid the foundation for much of his work, and why his new home in Bali has been a life saver for him. He also mixed together our 136th exclusive podcast, a glittering collection of mostly early 90s techno that still sounds effortlessly contemporary today.

    B.D.I., Decoded Messages of Life & Love

    B.D.I.’s Decoded Messages Of Life & Love lives up to its billing as industrial music, albeit with a decidedly disco bent.

    Various Artists, Amsterdam Allstars

    Rush Hour’s Amsterdam Allstars features a cross-section of the city’s talent, and while the city’s funky warmth pops up quite a bit here, the results are comfortably diverse.

    Lando Kal, Maneuver

    With Maneuver, Lando Kal continues to come into his own, ramping up the energy from his Hotflush release while sounding dapper as ever.

    BNJMN, Black Square

    The Black Square LP finds BNJMN returning to Rush Hour Direct Current with a more somber outlook.

    Maxi Mill, To The Next/Sun Rays

    Judging by Maxi Mill’s debut, To The Next/Sun Rays, the he and Tom Trago share a fair bit in common, most prominently a dynamic, cut-and-paste sense of fun.

    Win tickets to see Virgo Four, Rick Wilhite, Tom Trago, Cosmin TRG and BNJMN @ Cable

    If you’re in or able to get to London on August 6th, you don’t want to miss this. We Fear Silence is bringing a Rush Hour Recordings label night to Cable and the line-up is suitably impressive. Legendary Chicago duo Virgo Four will be making their last UK appearance together (for the foreseeable future), and […]

    Virgo Four, It’s A Crime Remixes

    One of the clear highlights from Virgo Four’s Resurrection LP, “It’s A Crime” receives its own 12″ with remixes by Caribou and Hunee.

    MD, It Ain’t What It Used To Be

    Add MD’s It Ain’t What It Used To Be to the list of white labels that offer pure quality in the place of identity.

    Policy, Specialty Party

    NY filmmaker-turned-producer Policy debuts with the cinematic-inspired Specialty Party EP on Rush Hour Direct Current.

    KiNK & Neville Watson, Metropole

    KiNK & Neville Watson’s return to Hour House Is Your Rush includes both familiar and more novel sounds from the pair.

    Nebraska, Four For Four EP

    Returning to Rush Hour for his latest, the Four For Four EP, Nebraska absolutely makes good on the collection’s title.

    Tevo Howard, Crystal Republic

    When I think of adjectives to describe acid (the music), words spring to mind that could just as easily describe acid (the solution): “Harsh,” “coruscating” or “abrasive,” all words I associate with the fierce 303s of Phuture, Sleezy D’s “I’ve Lost Control,” Mike Ink, Dr Walker, Unit Mobeius or more recently, Legowelt and Bunker Records. Rare is the track written with a 303 drum-machine that merits the descriptive tag “beautiful” or “graceful.” Marshall Jefferson and Larry Heard are among the talented few who have achieved this (the latter with the peerless mega-hit “Sun Can’’t Compare” a couple years ago), and now Tevo Howard joins their illustrious company with his latest doublepack Crystal Republic on the Rush Hour sub-label Hour House Is Your Rush.