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The dreamy GLUM001, released late last year, saw Lukid adapting his production style to fluid, expansive dance tracks. Contrastingly, the four pieces on GLUM002 sit closer to the material on his albums; they’re shorter and more diverse, focusing on intricate, hard-edged drum programming above all else.

On “My Teeth In Your Neck,” a yearning synth pattern sits disjointedly with an urgent rhythm, both constantly sliding past each other. Much of the piece is marked by an abrupt, repetitive vocal yelp, which dissipates as it reaches its apex: everything drops out but the synth, which gets a brief chance to swell unrestrained before the track cuts out. “Park It Low” also features miniscule vocal snips, albeit in a different sort of structure — the track lumbers through a wooden, shuffling house rhythm as sleepy chords drift on top. Next, “Spitting Bile” pits a gruff, sputtering rhythm against dissolved tones, which eventually culminate in a tender, heavily filtered melody. The track is rambunctious, metallic, and almost industrial, and this accentuates the brief moment when the glimmer of melody tries to poke out, only to get buried under the drums again. The gravelly closer “Dragon Stout” is the highest-BPM piece here. Its aggressive, tumbling rhythm is reminiscent of slowed-down juke or jungle, and is paired with a restless undercurrent of Steve Poindexter-esque bleeps and drones. While not as cohesive or elegant a statement as its predecessor, the EP is a solid testament to Lukid’s talent at keeping tracks both minimal and engaging.


Little White Earbuds August Charts 2011 | Little White Earbuds  on September 5, 2011 at 12:04 AM

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