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Lukid, Lonely At The Top

While on the surface Lonely at the Top has much in common with Actress’s latest release, beneath this veneer, Lukid’s fourth LP is his strongest and most distinctive work to date.

LWE Podcast 104: Lukid is archived this week

LWE’s 104th podcast, by Lukid, was a captivating mix of post-punk, classic grime, house, and much more that displayed the wide reach of his inspiration. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, October 12th.

LWE Podcast 104: Lukid

LWE contacted Lukid and got the official potted history of Luke Blair, asked about his predilection for releasing albums and found out that it is the fear of death that impels him to create. He also compiled and mixed together our 104th exclusive podcast that showcases the wide reach of his inspiration and provides a damned fine soundtrack to your journey through the confusing mess that is modern life.

Little White Earbuds August Charts 2011

01. Massimiliano Pagliara, “A Wrong Chance” (Tuff City Kids Remix) [Live At Robert Johnson]
02. Recast, “Consensual” [Third Ear Recordings]
03. Archie Pelago, “Rude Panecea” [Slime Recordings]
04. Benjamin Brunn, “I Took Her Out For a 707” [Ashes]
05. El Kid, “112” [Immerse Records]
06. Nebraska, “The Cruives”
[Rush Hour Recordings]
07. Martyn, “Masks” [Brainfeeder]
08. Cavalier, “Uzunyayla (Hallucinatory Narcosis)” [Drumpoet Community]
09. Lukid, “My Teeth In Your Neck” [GLUM]
10. Perseus Traxx, “Misspent Emotions”
[Boe Recordings]

Lukid, GLUM002

The four pieces on GLUM002 sit closer to the material on Lukid albums; they’re shorter and more diverse, focusing on intricate, hard-edged drum programming above all else.

Lukid, Boxing Club/Blind Spot

Boxing Club/Blind Spot maintains Lukid’s crisp production values and asymmetrical, minimalist structures, while simultaneously marking his first foray into what might loosely be termed as techno.