LWE’s Guide to Movement 2013

However slight it may feel to those not playing the dissecting game, the fact remains that a palpable shift exists in this year’s Movement lineup, especially when compared to recent incarnations. Perhaps most obvious is the lack of clear headliners. Whereas 2012 saw Lil’ Louis, Public Enemy, and Jeff Mills netting the much coveted main stage closing duties, it wasn’t until this year’s schedule was released that it became apparent who had garnered those slots. (Turns out it’s Richie Hawtin, Squarepusher, and a collaborative effort from Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May. We’re not complaining, especially about the latter.) The decision to keep the billing strictly alphabetical, not running any acts ahead of the others based on perceived clout, really speaks to the diversity at the festival’s core. With five stages, there’s no one suggesting you stand at one over another.

Appropriately enough, the other shift speaks to another of the festival’s founding values: techno. Ever perceived as a techno-fest — this is Detroit we’re talking about, after all — detractors in recent years have been vocal in deriding Movement for turning their back on the city’s chief export. But with names like Daniel Bell, Luke Slater, Marcel Dettmann, and ben Sims, 2013 comes backed with enough ammo to keep the fiends at bay. Seeing as 116 acts may be daunting to some, we’ve went ahead and concocted a guide for your perusing pleasure. The following are merely our suggestions (denoted by our logo). Stay tuned next week as we’ll be turning an eye to the bevy of afterparties, once again offering our picks from that lot.

Saturday, May 25


Red Bull Music Academy Stage
1-2pm — xxxy
2-3:30pm — T.Williams
3:30-4:30pm — Shigeto (live)
4:30-5:30pm — Onra
5:30-7pm — Moodymann
7-8:30pm — Carl Craig
8:30-10pm — Dave Clarke
10pm-12am — Richie Hawtin

Beatport Stage
12:30-2pm — Chris Malinchak
2-3:30pm — 16 Bit Lolitas
3:30-5pm — System of Survival
5-6:30pm — Miguel Campbell
6:30-8pm — Hector
8pm-9 — Matador (live)
9pm-10:30 — Paco Osuna
10:30pm-12am — Moby (DJ set)

Made in Detroit Stage
12-2pm — Mr. Joshooa
2-3:30pm — Ataxia
3:30-5pm — Chuck Daniels
5-6:30pm — Bruce Bailey
6:30-8pm — Al Ester
8-9:30pm — Alton Miller
9:30-11pm — Terrence Parker

Underground Stage
2-4pm — Nina Kraviz
4-6pm — Lucy
6-7:30pm — Steffi
7:30-9pm — Nicole Moudaber
9-10:30pm — Ben Sims
10:30-12am — Slam

Electric Forest Festival Stage
2-3pm — Sandoz ft. Marcus Flow
3-4pm — Ronin Selectra w/ Bombscare
4-5:30pm — Sinistarr
5:30-6:30pm — NiT GriT
6:30-7:30pm — SuperVision
7:30-8:30pm — Downlink
8:30-9:30pm — The Bug (live)
9:30-10:30pm — Noisia
10:30pm-12am — Andy C

Sunday, May 26

Ben Klock & Marcel Dettmann

Red Bull Music Academy Stage
1-2:30pm — Calico
2:30-4pm — DJ Hatcha
4-5:30pm — Mala
5:30-6:30pm — Adult. (live)
6:30-8pm — Dubfire
8-9pm — Audion (live)
9-10:45pm — Stacey Pullen
10:45pm-12am — Squarepusher (live)

Beatport Stage
12-2pm — Annie Hall
2-4pm — Bill Patrick
4-5:30pm — Soul Clap
5:30-7pm — Tensnake
7-8:30pm — Art Department
8:30-10pm — Dennis Ferrer
10-12am — Masters at Work

Made in Detroit Stage
12-2pm — Dan Wagner
2-3pm — Stone Owl
3-4:30pm — Midnite Jackers
4:30-6pm — Jason Kendig
6-7:30pm — DJ Minx ft. Diviniti & Eva Soul
7:30-9pm — Magda
9-11pm — Daniel Bell

Underground Stage
1-3pm — Benjamin Damage
3-4:30pm — Deadbeat
4:30-6pm — Gregor Tresher (live)
6-7:30pm — Tommy Four Seven
7:30-9:30pm — Ben Klock b2b Marcel Dettmann
9:30-10:30pm — Planetary Assault Systems (live)
10:30pm-12am — Steve Rachmad

Electric Forest Festival Stage
2-4pm — K@dog
4-6pm — J.Phlip
6-7pm — Milkman
7-8pm — Amtrac
8-9pm — Samo Sound Boy
9-10pm — The M Machine (live)
10-11pm — Gesaffelstein
11pm-12am — Brodinski

Monday, May 27


Red Bull Music Academy Stage
2-3pm — Nick Hook
3-4:30pm — Dabrye
4:30-5:30pm — TOKiMONSTA
5:30-6:30pm — Azari & III (live)
6:30-8pm — Nicolas Jaar (live)
8-9pm — Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (live)
9-10:30pm — François K
10:30pm-12am — Derrick May & Kevin Saunderson

Beatport Stage
12-1pm — Phantasmagoria (live)
1-2:30pm — Laura Jones
2:30-4pm — Matt Tolfrey
4-5:30pm — George FitzGerald
5:30-7pm — Ellen Allien
7-8:30pm — Cajmere
8:30-10pm — Maetrik
10pm-12am — John Digweed

Made in Detroit Stage
12-2pm — Corbin Davis
2-3:30pm — Dantiez Saunderson
3:30-5pm — Carlos Souffront
5-6pm — Erika (live)
6-7pm — Don Dada (DJ Godfather and DJ Zebo
7-8:30pm — Ryan Elliott
8:30-10pm — Buzz Goree
10pm-11pm — Reference (live)

Underground Stage
2-3:30pm — Brendon Moeller aka Echologist
3:30-5pm — Mike Parker
5-6pm — Rrose
6-7:30pm — Drumcell
7:30-9pm — Truncate
9-10:30pm — Silent Servant
10:30pm-12am — DVS1

Electric Forest Festival Stage
2-3pm — Circa Tapes (live)
3-4pm — Deastro (live)
4-5pm — Kidnap Kid
5-6pm — A Tribe Called Red
6-7pm — Big Chocolate
7-8pm — Break Science (live)
8-9pm — Paper Diamond
9-10pm — Gramatik
10-11pm — GRiZ
11pm-12am — Big Gigantic (live)

Martin  on May 8, 2013 at 5:46 PM

Oh come on, Cajmere over Nicolas Jaar? Cajmere has sucked lately, and you pick him over one of the most exiting and hard to see live acts there are?

littlewhiteearbuds  on May 8, 2013 at 6:06 PM

You should probably familiarize yourself with our coverage of Nico Jaar (who has toured a fair amount, it’s worth saying) if you want the answer to your question.

Kenny  on May 8, 2013 at 6:37 PM

I can’t imagine anything to do with Kevin Saunderson being any good. When I saw him at DEMF a few years back he was an embarrassment to himself, techno and detroit.

Dave  on May 9, 2013 at 3:43 PM

@Kenny: Kevin and Kenny’s tag team at DEMF 2003 is still one of the best sets I’ve ever seen. There’s a recording of it (that I made) floating around on the Internet, check it out if you can.

jesse  on May 9, 2013 at 5:03 PM

Kevin Saunderson was awesome with his band, Inner City, a couple years ago. He couldn’t really be that bad with May could he? It seems to me the legends tend towards showboating at the fest, Moby surely will be the worst.

You guys have Lucy listed at 4-6 on saturday, movement.us has him listed at 2-4, I am gonna show at 2 so as not to miss Lucy at all. I hope he kicks it off ambient, hazy and atmospheric before cranking the strobe rate up!!!

I am spreading the rumour that K@Dog is Mizek’s bro alter ego, I dare you to disprove it!

I like the Electric Forest concept,if I was a young EDM fan that would rock my boat, they have a real good variety, so much wackiness and lots of young acts.

Daniel Bell and Reference are gonna sound so good pinging off of Detroit architecture out on the lawn at night!!!

So much serious techno this year. Monday at the Underground is just a straight onslaught of east to west then midwest of raw American techno! Sunday Underground is all the European heavies, Berghainerz in the basement sounds good!

See you there…

Dj Frequencies  on May 10, 2013 at 10:21 AM

Great pix as always LWE. However, personally I will need to make an active effort just to pry myself away from the Underground Stage and get a lil sunshine for the weekend.

Kenny  on May 11, 2013 at 12:52 AM

@dave – That’s 10 years ago now, he was still playing good stuff then. This was 09, we had to walk away it was SO awful. I saw him in tresor round then too, pretty dire as well.

aa  on May 11, 2013 at 1:49 PM

Kevin Saunderson is probably my second favorite Detroit export, behind Robert Hood. He’s great live, and will probably be my only main stage stop of the weekend (I might miss him for DVS1 though, idk).

I’m not sure if they’ve shifted to this heavy techno lineup out of choice of necessity (with We are FSTVL and a lot of opening parties in Ibiza, so many big ‘underground pop’/house names are out of the picture), but I’m so glad the festival looks the way it does this year! Lucy, Steffi, Sims, Slater, Klock/Dettmann, Bell, Elliot, Rrose, DVS1, Silent Servant, etcetc. I can’t wait.

wndfrm  on May 12, 2013 at 10:27 PM

wish i could go, someday.. had the pleasure of hearing Buzz Goree here in portland a year or so ago, what an education. HIGHLY recommended.

Shane  on May 15, 2013 at 2:12 PM

Can’t believe that you missed Dave Clarke. He only played the festival once prior, and the legend of that performance has reached biblical proportions in the years hence.

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