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Copeland, Because I’m Worth It

Inga Copeland’s first full length since the split of Hype Williams is a luminously brusque listen, one that invites repeat listens despite its downtrodden tone.

Todd Terje, It’s Album Time

Todd Terje’s debut album, It’s Album Time, deserves to be embalmed and hung above a fireplace like a boar’s head — a relic that could conceivably be dated to any era, but one we should feel privileged to call our own.

DVS1, Lost Myself

Having finally reached the point where he’s “finding the pleasure in writing music,” DVS1 returns to his HUSH imprint for Lost Myself.

D. Edwards, Teenage Tapes

Made up of old noise demos and blunt, new recordings in the same style, Teenage Tapes by Delroy Edwards bends listeners his will rather than the other way around.

Untold, Black Light Spiral

Reportedly recorded over the course of a single July week in 2013, Black Light Spiral is a remarkable feat of squalor — the sort of stuff that would lead one to contemplate Untold’s well-being during the creation process.

2Q Reports 2013: Downloads

For LWE’s third 2Q Report, staff writer Michael C. Walsh sorts out ten of the year’s best downloads so far.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Radio Slave

In advance of his appearance at the Stop Making Sense festival, LWE were granted to the opportunity to converse with Matt Edwards via email. Might we suggest keeping a second tab open to Discogs while reading this interview, for reference sake.

LWE Interviews John Talabot

John Talabot is prepping to roll out the live show once again, taking him essentially nonstop from MUTEK this weekend through Italy’s Club to Club in November. And somehow, amidst all of this, he found time to talk with us, about his label, his album, and the path he took towards becoming John Talabot.

Willie Burns, Run From The Sunset

William Burnett’s latest as Willie Burns for Crème Organization includes four paranoia-tinged offerings, only united in their blithely off-hand composition.

LWE’s Guide to Movement 2013

Movement 2013 features some especially tasty line-ups. We break down the schedule and highlight our picks for can’t miss events.

Omar-S, Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself

Unlike prior full-lengths that saw Omar-S cobble together singles with accompanying filler, each of the 13-tracks on Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself are unreleased and each a keeper.

Eomac, Spoock

The latest from Berlin label Killekill, Eomac’s Spoock, maintains their reputation for reveling in the peculiar in a way that causes one to perk up and take notice.

Vondelpark, Seabed

Despite a meager 42-minute runtime, Vondelpark’s debut LP manages to feel like a slog, lacking a single ethereous moment while forcing the listener into an insurmountable slump of depression.

Space Dimension Controller, Welcome to Mikrosektor-50

Space Dimension Controller’s long-in-gestation debut LP is an honest-to-god Electronic Concept Album managing to effortlessly incorporate storytelling devices while flirting with moments of musical brilliance.

Cassegrain, Tiamat

The latest from Cassegrain, a duo consisting of Greece’s Alex Tsiridis and Austrian composer Hüseyin Evirgen, is a double EP’s worth of gut-punch techno for Prologue.

Inga Copeland, Don’t Look Back, That’s Not Where You’re Going

Don’t Look Back, That’s Not Where You’re Going contains three songs from Inga Copeland’s forthcoming debut solo album for Hype Williams’ newly minted World Music label.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Space Dimension Controller

With his long awaited debut album finally arriving next week, LWE interviewed Belfast’s Space Dimension Controller via email about his interplanetary outlook.

Henrik Bergqvist, Go For What Hurts

For ANIARA 07, the Gothenburg label have recruited newcomer Henrik Bergqvist for a single that while cryptically narcotic, still maintains qualities of a proper bomb.

Secret Circuit, Afterlife

Secret Circuit hails from Los Angeles and “Afterlife” lends itself to the city, with all included pieces coated in a hazy smog.

Moiré, Never Sleep

Moiré assimilates nicely amongst Actress’s clandestine fold on Werkdiscs with his debut EP, Never Sleep, which also features a remix from the label boss.