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When I interviewed My My‘s Nick Höppner and Lee Jones a few months ago, they acknowledged the strain of music they released with Playhouse was markedly different from their “Southbound” single for Ostgut Ton, noting that “we’d rather produce something to the occasion.” So few will be surprised that “Everybody’s Talkin’ EP,” their latest for Playhouse, returns to a more sample-laden sound akin to Songs For the Gentle, My My’s debut album on the same label. At the same time, Jones and Höppner seem more focused on this new set of tracks, with equal attention paid to DJ utilities and delighting dancers. “Everybody’s Talkin'” may also mollify those who dismissed the “Southbound” 12″ (unfairly, in my opinion) as too trendy.

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Whereas “Southbound” and its flipside were thick and immersive, “Everybody’s Talkin” is lithe and limber, its rebounding synth progression juking and jiving cheerfully to a swinging beat. My My manipulate a vocal sample to charmingly stutter out the titular line, and inject further rhythmic depth by cycling through a raft of percussive timbres which give the tune real pop. So many of today’s deep house tracks are comfortably couched in mellowed out moods, and “Everybody’s Talkin'” offers a welcome change of pace. By contrast, “Day For Night” attacks with a body blow of progressively broader synth stabs among quivering pads and fizzy effects. It’s as if all those drinks you’ve downed in the last hour have just caught up with you and damn, you’re ready to strut your stuff. It’s boldly straightforward and a nice counterpoint to the spry A side. Not only have My My produced for the occasion, they’ve also risen to the occasion with yet another fine entry in their already excellent discography.


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