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LWE Podcast 197: nd_baumecker

LWE got in touch with nd_baumecker to find out when we can expect to hear more from Barker & Baumecker, if he plans on releasing any of his own tunes and who else he is working with in the studio. He also mixed our 197th exclusive podcast which shows off his incredible talents as a DJ; an hour of house and techno mixed with a few early influences too.

LWE’s Top 5 Labels of 2013

For our third year-end column, staff writer Harry Sword runs down LWE’s top 5 labels of 2013.

L.B. Dub Corp, Unknown Origin

The unlikely appearance of a L.B. Dub Corp album is equally surprising in sound as Luke Slater’s reduced palette fills out with house influences on Unknown Origin.

Nick Höppner, Red Hook Soil EP

True to form, all the three tracks on Red Hook Soil have a subtle uniqueness to them, and share the same with Nick Höppner’s previous efforts.

Marcel Fengler, Fokus

Fokus, the debut album from the still burgeoning Marcel Fengler, is as deep an insight into his world as anything ever will be.

Various Artists, Panorama Bar 05

Of the three vinyl extracts from Panorama Bar 05, two are low-down rollers that echo Panorama Bar’s concrete commitment to the groove eternal, alongside one certified belter.

Function, Incubation

Dave Sumner’s more than 16 years in the trenches of techno and house have prepared him to make Incubation, his first solo album — is a beacon of timeless techno and stellar mixing.

Manhooker, Wheels In Motion EP

Proving to have the same versatility as its parent label, Unterton shifts gears into proper house song territory with Manhooker’s flamboyant debut.

LWE Interviews Norman Nodge

LWE caught up with Norman Nodge recently to chat about Berghain 06, the constantly shifting techno scene of Berlin, and that pesky GEMA issue that everyone keeps talking about.

Various Artists, Panorama Bar 04

Even sans the prestigious name to boosting them, the Panorama Bar exclusives records remain sterling examples of taste. This one features The Mole, Dexter, Matthew Styles, and Jon McMillion.

Download of the Week: Barker & Baumecker, Analogical

This week’s download is an outtake from Barker & Baumecker’s forthcoming debut album, Transsektorial.

The Traveller, A100

Christening yet another new moniker, René Pawlowitz’s debut as The Traveller has a fair bit in common with the music of his most famous guise, Shed.

tobias., Remixes

Ostgut Ton launches its Underton sub-label, an outlet for remixes, with Efdemin and the duo of Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer’s takes on Tobias Freund’s debut LP.

Planetary Assault Systems, The Messenger

The Messenger finds Planetary Assault Systems pulling back on the throttle after the all out blitzkrieg that was 2009’s Temporary Suspension.

Marcel Dettmann, Translation EP

With one ear listening to the past and the other firmly pressed against the door that leads to the future, Translation shows that there is no danger of Dettmann staying in the same place for too long.

DOTW: tobias., Free No.2

This week we get an alternate take from Tobias Freund’s full-length album, Leaning Over Backwards.

Prosumer, Panorama Bar 03

The third installation in the Panorama Bar succession is mixed by Prosumer, whose focus isn’t on profiling new and exclusive tracks but rather putting together a solid mix that pays no heed to release dates.

Dinky, Take Me/Polvo

Dinky’s first full solo release for the mighty Ostgut Ton sees her running back to the dance floor with two mighty tech-house slammers.

LWE Podcast 82: Ryan Elliott

Showing just why he is such a coveted name to have on your club bill, Ryan Elliott supplied our exclusive 82nd LWE podcast, a hot mix of raw, bristling techno that encompasses the works of his contemporaries, unreleased tracks and some vintage moments in techno.

Ryan Elliott, Rocksteady EP

While the Rocksteady EP isn’t exactly bursting with color or personality, there’s something to be said for how far Ryan Elliott can reduce his sounds without sacrificing pure impact.