Newworldaquarium, The Force (Âme Remixes)


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A fellow LWE contributor, writing for a rival website, admitted to initially questioning the wisdom of tasking Âme to remix Newworldaquarium. Dismissing much of their output as merely “a number of decent house records”, the charge leveled at Messrs Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann was that they lacked the caliber to add any new perspective to NWAQ’s singular vision. While most impartial observers may not share that particular view, the match up did seem a little curious at first glance. The German duo’s work is frequently characterized by its almost fussy nature; every element is finely tuned, layer upon layer, until the track resembles a bespoke, intricately designed coat in which every pocket, flap and button is immaculately detailed. NWAQ’s pieces are no less luxuriously made, but its more about the cut than the material; endlessly looping soft-as-cashmere grooves that you’re happy to listen to, well, endlessly. Certainly conflicting approaches, and to stretch the clothing analogy to fraying point, as head-scratching a collaboration as the recent A.P.C. x Supreme hook-up.

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Thankfully, Delsin agreed with the slogan that particular partnership agreed upon: “Fuck ’em.” Any fears, either borne out of prejudice or concerns over aesthetic differences, are totally unfounded. Âme present two versions of their remix of the opening track of the modern classic The Dead Bears. In its original form, “The Force” plays to all of NWAQ’s strengths: a yearning, almost transcendent snatch of melody that slowly reveals itself with repetition. Furthermore, pitched up, and at the right moment, it was the one track from The Dead Bears that you didn’t have to be that adventurous to play out. If Âme really were hodcarrying workmen, the only elements that their remix would add would be a higher BPM and beefier drums. Clubs go wild, paychecks roll in, and mix CD licensing requests are dealt with. Âme’s take the artisan’s approach though, and turn in a finely crafted rework that fully justifies its existence.

Obviously slaved over, Âme first mix plays with the original, like a potter checking for faults. The melodic theme is looped, checked, bent, stretched, and generally examined from every angle until its allowed to finally return in its original form, to glorious effect. Of course fresh elements are also added; the droning, ringing tone arriving at three and half minutes, the churning bass line, clattering drums and the occasional drops in the beat ensure that will cause confusion and celebration on the dance floor in equal measure. Having given the melody such a working over, the Innervisions double-act are content to let it be on their “Alternative Mix.” Billed as a tribute to Terry Riley and Steve Reich, the original theme is initially matched by a complementing one, before slowly drifting into a hypnotic gamelan piece, complete with gentle, reverberating gong. Skeptics and fans of Âme’s work alike can agree that this is the form of their career; long may the completely unsuitable remix requests continue.

harpomarx42  on October 30, 2009 at 3:35 PM

I like this one. Doesn’t sound like an Ame production at all, which is nice. I like that their remixes don’t fall into a mold, which is common with other remixers. I can see this one being caned.

adamm  on November 4, 2009 at 11:58 AM

I looked over this because I haven’t been interested in the last few things Ame have done. I’m glad LWE highlighted this, it’s great. Very interesting drops that most assuredly will confuse the floor. This could have been another NWAQ release to be honest, agreed with Harpo this sounds nothing like Ame.


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