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Various Artists, Amsterdam Allstars

Rush Hour’s Amsterdam Allstars features a cross-section of the city’s talent, and while the city’s funky warmth pops up quite a bit here, the results are comfortably diverse.

LWE 2Q Reports 2011: Live Performances

For our third 2Q Report, Andrew Ryce reaches back into his memory for his five favorite live performances of 2011 so far.

BBH: Newworldaquarium, Heavy Metal

When I stumbled upon Newworldaquarium’s Heavy Metal EP, released on Peacefrog in 2003, I snatched it without hesitation, something one should always do when confronted with Jochem Peteri’s records.

BBH: Ross 154, Until My Heart Stops…

Listening to Delsin’s reissue of Until My Heart Stops… by Ross 154, born as Jochem Peteri but best known as Newworldaquarium, trying to pin down its exact origins blindly gets a little tricky.

LWE’s Top 5 Reissues of 2009

When contributors to LWE were discussing end of year lists amongst ourselves, a colleague commented that “this past year has seemed so exciting to me, it’s amazing how much of what’s got me revved up has been compilations and reissues.” I found myself agreeing with him — It might have been a pointed comment about the perceived weakness of much of this year’s output, but it might just as easily be read as praise for the huge quantity of impressive reissues, represses and other re-presentations that have been released this year. For that reason, this list is far from exhaustive and merely offers a personal perspective on what has been a fantastic year for house and techno historians.

Newworldaquarium, The Force (Âme Remixes)

A fellow LWE contributor, writing for a rival website, admitted to initially questioning the wisdom of tasking Âme to remix Newworldaquarium. Dismissing much of their output as merely “a number of decent house records”, the charge leveled at Messrs Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann was that they lacked the caliber to add any new perspective to NWAQ’s singular vision. While most impartial observers may not share that particular view, the match up did seem a little curious at first glance. The German duo’s work is frequently characterized by its almost fussy nature; every element is finely tuned, layer upon layer, until the track resembles a bespoke, intricately designed coat in which every pocket, flap and button is immaculately detailed. NWAQ’s pieces are no less luxuriously made, but its more about the cut than the material; endlessly looping soft-as-cashmere grooves that you’re happy to listen to, well, endlessly. Certainly conflicting approaches, and to stretch the clothing analogy to fraying point, as head-scratching a collaboration as the recent A.P.C. x Supreme hook-up.